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Quick Solution: Search for vp6_decoder.exe or vp6_vfw_codec.exe
We have the vp6_decoder.exe mirrored here.

More info:
On2’s VP6 codec uses three different fourcc’s and each is differentiated by its profile:
VP60: simple profile
VP61: advanced profile
VP62: heightened sharpness profile
It appears On2 no longer supports VP6 in AVI (we can infer that from the fact they no longer offer the decoder for download). That seems to have been discontinued in favor of flash-based products. Some sites still host decoders though. vp6_decoder.exe is decode-only and DirectShow only. vp6_vfw_codec.exe supports Video for Windows (VfW) and has both decoding and encoding enabled (the latter is considered free for personal use).

Additional Notes: VP6 in AVI is commonly used in video captures for the Sims.
VP6 in Flash Videos (extension .flv) seems to use the fourcc’s VP6F and/or FLV4 (not certain on this - corrections appreciated).

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hi, do you know how can I get the VP6 spec? even buy it from on2 or someone else is ok, but I don’t know how to get it.
and, do you know what’s the VP6f, VP6a format?

thanks reply


Omg will someone fix the Sims 2 game so our video uploads to Youtube don’t look like shite!!!!!!!!!!!!! reply


dsa reply



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