vista movie maker has stopped when publishing the movie

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Hi every body. I have came again with a new solution. WoW!
this time my problem was with Vista Movie Maker. and it was about after making my project for hours, movie maker has stoped when clicking on publish button. So what’s the cause and solution?

a very good news for you is that the solution is very simple.

in fact if you have faced with such a problem it is just because your vista movie maker can not read some of formats of your video files/pictures/musics you have imported and you must import a new and peroper format for making your projects.

how to find the file imported that is the cause of the problem?

Ok. Do following steps:
1- save your project as a movie maker project.
2- make a copy of your project file.
3- open your copy file
4- delet one of some files that have same formats.
5-now publish your movie and check that your project can publish or not.
6- if it published so your deleted file format has been the cause of problem and you must use another file with a different format.
otherwise another file imported is the cause and you must find it like before steps.

suppose you have imported some movie,audio and picture files and have made the project and it does not publish. make a copy. 1th you delet pictures of your project and try to publish and it stops working so your pictures are not the cuase and you must try another file. now delet movies from your project and try to publish it and you see that it publishes. WoW!, so the cause is your movies format and you must convert your movies to a format fit the movie maker and then use it.
finally, like my last solution you can send your thanks to

have a good time.
Sajjad From Iran reply

thanks for your kindly post. reply


Yeah, thanks for the nice suggestion. Making copy for important project is always a good habit:) reply


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