transferred mpeg fileswith honestech s/w have lost sound with wmp

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i’ve been successfully using honestech vhs to dvd 3.0 deluxe for many years. recently, i was checking some videos with windows medium player and now the sound has disappeared. i did all the troubleshooting re hardware.
i’ve also ordered 5.0 in case there is something wrong with the vidbox. still searching, i opened 3.0 and inserted the video clip, it now has no sound in the edit window. i used 3.0 to burn a dvd and guess what- when i played it on a dvd player the sound was there!! i also have my videos stored on a ext. hard drive, so i had my brother plug in the ext drive and the videos play perfect. the audio files i’ve transferred using honestech vhs to dvd 3.0 still play fine. the sample videos that were on my hp laptop, play fine with the media center. it’s only my transferred videos that have lost sound. when i’m transferring videos, the sound is present. i think it’s a problem with the windows media center, but why is it only the transferred videos that are now without sound?
i went to windows support but trying to get help there is like falling into a black hole.i’ve never had a problem so i don’t even know what service packs mean? please help. thanks for your time!


I have some problems with the avi being transfered to dvd. some of the avi which where perfect when transfered to dvd resulted with no sound/audio on the dvd but on the avi still with audio. the mistery is that it happens on some avi’s only and doing them twice or three times transfeded to dvd it’s also the same. still did not solved the problem mate. windows dvd maker works great but i’m wasting some time with some avi’s. reply


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