MOD files solution --- how to use them in Premiere CS3

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Alright ive noticed a running theme with these MOD files all over the web,

this is the best way of tackling the situation

Adobe Encore DVD is capable of viewing these files but Premier cannot.
soulution, Steal encores file :D

1. open the encore cs3 directory (if you dont have encore i suggent searching for the file)
2. copy the dll file ad2ac3dec.ddl, this is the decoder file that tells encore what to do with MOD’s
3. paste the file in the premiere dirctory.
4. rename all your MOD files to .MPG files
5. open Premiere cs3 and import.

Simple when you know how :D

Hope this causes some relief i found this tip some where but cant find the link anymore :(

and in case anyone was wondering aparently adobe didnt include the dll in premier is because HDD’s arnt considered “professional enough" reply


Great tip, worked like a charm. reply


Sounds interesting. However, have you viewed a completed project after using your method? Someone advised I simply change the extensions to ".mpg”. I tried that, PRemier Pro recognizes them. I edited, rendered, etc. Then, after burning using “Nero” the product came out extremely choppy and almost un-viewable. I wanted to use Encore to burn but there was some error, so someone else recommended I try Nero. By the way, I am using Encore 1.0. Could that be my problem? Also, cannot find the above listed .dll, even with “search” Please advise... reply

Thank you very much, this tip helped me a lot =) reply



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