EM4A: Panasonic MPEG-4

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Quick Solutions:
“official” download page: http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/d_snap/download/mpeg4.html
http://cnc.asp.hi-ho.ne.jp/cnc/d_snap/mpeg4_update.exe mirrored on our site here
http://techdocs.panasonic.co.uk/GetDoc.aspx?did=133710&fmt=zip&lang=en&src=3 (older version)

More Information:
Panasonic’s own MPEG-4 implementation, used in its D-Snap digital cameras (models SV-AV25, SV-AV35, and SV-AV50). The codec is found in Windows Media container (extensions .asf/.wmv).
The top link to the “official” download page requires enabled cookies and asks the user to provide the serial number of a main part. The second link is probably the best choice for download if you don’t have a serial number. When you run the executable it will ask you to select a folder to extract the files to, so it would be handy to create an empty one beforehand. The third link is an older version that may not work with Windows Media Player 10.

Credits: Many thanks to JuanMeminpiloto for unearthing the solution to this one; it was one of our 'unsolved' for a long time.

Keywords: EM4A, D-Snap, DSnap, SV-AV25, SV-AV35, SV-AV50 reply


The Panasonic TH42 PX600 also needs this codec, but only when recording in (extra fine mode). So switching to super fine mode fixes the problem for me :)

MPEG4 (extra fine mode) playback plug-in reply


Anybody know where is the codec EM4A? Really, is that codec missing in internet? reply


really, I need The codec EM4A. How much is it? No more 15$.
Give me your eBay account, please reply



I used the SDcard recording facility on a Panasonic Viera TV (Serial No:NC-6550107 R and I wish to covert the file to DVD, is this possible? reply


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