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New: Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7 can play 3ivx contents without any additional software.

More Info:
This is another flavor of MPEG-4, part 2. Whereas DivX and XviD mainly support the AVI container (and as an extension, the ogm and matroska containers), the 3ivx codec supports all the above, with both DirectShow and Video for Windows filters, and also the QuickTime (mov), mp4, and 3gp containers. The 3ivx codec is available on a wide array of platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, Unix/Linux, Amiga, and BeOS.

3ivx can decode DivX 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and XviD contents (it can even decode them in AVI containers with QuickTime Player for Windows only). It can also decode and encode in Samsung MPEG-4 (fourcc SEDG only). 3ivx can also decode QuickTime, mp4, and 3gp files encoded with Apple’s MPEG-4 codec (fourcc mp4v) (without QuickTime Player installed that is). It won’t read mp4 files encoded in h.264 nor 3gp files encoded in h.263 or h.264 though.

3ivx uses the fourcc’s 3iv1 and 3iv2. According to www.fourcc.org, the “fourcc '3IV0' was also used for a while but never publicly released."

Notes: DivX 6 and 7 can decode 3ivx contents if the generic MPEG-4 decoding option is enabled.
The 3ivx QuickTime plugin produces QuickTime files with the fourcc mp4v (same as Apple’s MPEG-4 codec, but with better quality), and those can be read by any computer with QuickTime 6 or above (without 3ivx installed that is).

Miscellaneous: 3ivx is trialware and you will get a nagware box after the 30-day trial expires.

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