potplayer, potplayersetup64, potplayersetup32


Potplayer (Potplayersetup64) is a high performance player that plays fast and on low resources using DXVA, CUDA, QuickSync. We have potplayersetup64, potplayersetup32 both for you. Download potplayer from direct US servers below.

Potplayer download files

We have hosted potplayer 64 bit and 32 bit for all version of modern windows systems. Please note that webmasters can link to this page but not directly to the files as they keep changing.

(click the filename once to download):

Potplayer files run on windows, including the latest 10 and 11 versions. You will need a program like 7zip for decompressing the files. You can also use windows inbuilt decompress tool. You can find more Player downloads on our website.

Video players are not scarce today, but good ones are. Potplayer is one such great tool. You will find that it plays fluid, fast and jitter free. If there is any issue you may contact us. Although we are not the author for this, but we will be glad to help.

Remember that we at moviecodec are dedicated to help you with much needed downloads and with a single click. We take pride in 20 years of experience doing so. As we have recently rebuilt the website, there may be some broken and missing items. Please bear with us meanwhile. Let us know if you need something urgently.

All files have been scanned before being compressed for your safety. You are still advised to use an anti-virus. Your safety is thus important to us.

In case the download does not work please right click the file link. Then click save as while saving the file to location of your choice. The best help we can get from you is to share this page with others who may be in need of this file while you browse. Thanks for visiting!