zune and ipod, which one is better?

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zune and ipod, which is better,in function,quality,guarantee and all? anyone can explain it? thx very much! reply


PLEASE!is there anyone who can help me? i’ve heard zune has a bigger screen and music/picture sharing, but i found most friends using ipod. anyone here has used both and can compare them for me? reply


Have a close view of Microsoft Zune
from ipodobserver.com by Brad Cook

One user who has had a chance to use Microsoft’s upcoming Zune MP3 player “found the device to be a viable attempt at the iPod music player, with some glaring pitfalls," according to an AppleInsider report.

Among the feedback: the interface of the Microsoft Zune MP3 player is “a bit clunky;" the lack of a scroll wheel was “frustrating," because the users' “fingers intuitively wanted to scroll;" battery life “is far less robust than the iPod music player’s;" and the case was thicker than the iPod player and made out of “sort of hard rubber (not quite plastic material)."

In addition,AppleInsider noted, “it appears that Microsoft is attempting to swipe a page from Apple’s marketing prowess -- on the rear of each Zune, in small inscription on the bottom next to the serial number, is a message: 'Hello from Seattle.'"

Microsoft Zune MP3 player is set to go on sale Nov. 14 with a US$249.99 price tag. With 30GB of storage, it’s the same price as the 30GB iPod player. Music sold at the Zune Marketplace will also have comparable pricing as the Apple iTunes Store.

http://www.mp4converter.net/news/have-a-close-view-of-microsoft-zune.html reply

well, at least zune is a good alternative to the ipod reply



here is a chart, see whether it will help you

Zune Vs iPod Comparison Chart

Category Zune iPod 30GB
Wi-Fi YES none
File Sharing YES none
Landscape Mode YES none
Portrait Mode YES YES
FM Tuner YES none
Preloaded Audio YES none
Preloaded Video YES none
Battery Life 14 hrs 14 hrs
Preloaded Virus none RavMonE.exe
Custom Background YES none
Manufacturer Japanese Chinese
Screen Size 3” 2.5”
USB 2 2
Colors White, Black, Brown, Baby Pink White, Black
Scroll Wheel none YES
Tactile Control YES none
Online Service Zune Marketplace iTunes
Unlimited Downlaods $14.99/month none
Podcast Playback YES YES
Battery Li-Ion Li-Ion
XBOX Marketplace Integration YES none
Unique Online Tag Zunetag none
3rd Party Accessories YES YES
Social Networking YES none
Weight 5.6 ounces 4.8 ounces
Width 2.4” 2.4”
Height 4.4” 4.1”
Depth 0.58” 0.43”
Official Insider News Blog(s) YES none
User Forum Zune Scene iLounge
Compatibility PC Mac, PC
Replaceable Batteries NO NO
Semi-Transparent Case YES none
Special Edition orange, hotpink U2
Vendor Microsoft Apple
Other “Brand Family” Products none Nano, Shuffle
Headphones earbud earbud reply


If the new Zune software came capable or ripping DVD¡¯s, that would be the smartest idea they could possibly have. After the iPod video and Zune came out, every tech forum was full of people asking how to convert. what did i do? I bought imtoo DVD to Zune converter. My opinion is that if they put this as a standard feature in the software, Zunes would be significantly more popular. And seriously, who the hell cares about sharing a 320x240 resolution of your movie? People who are going to watch a movie in that format weren¡¯t going to buy your DVD anyway. reply


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