Problems with 4GB MP4

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Last night, I was adding music videos to my player. I had about 27 videos [none of them were more than 25kb] and 200 songs, which was nowhere near my 4GB limit. I was watching my videos to check that they transferred properly, and I found that all the videos after #16 showed a format error. I had converted all 27 videos in .amv format at the same time, and the backup .amv files stored on my computer worked just fine.

I thought maybe I’d try putting them into folders [it was around 2 am, I was a bit grumpy and not thinking straight]. I added 4 new folders into my video section, yet, for some reason, the folders linked me back to the original folder that my videos were stored in. I tried deleting them, but it wouldn’t let me. So, instead of deleting the folder, it now has these wierd folders and files that can’t be deleted. Plus, I now can’t listen to any of my new songs.

So, now I’m here, wondering what I can do, if I’ve screwed it up and have to format it, or something. I’m not too keen on the idea of formatting, due to the fact that it’s a Chinese iPod knock-off and I’ve seen many complaints in these forums about formatting and losing disk capacity. Plus, my last MP3 [a 265kb] also lost about half of its storage space after I formatted it, so I know from experience that formatting doesn’t always go as planned.

This is what mine looks like, same features and everything. reply

Yeah sorry for the late reply was just doing my business. The moral of the story here is: “Don’t buy Chinese." reply


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