Only plays the first few seconds?

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I finally figured out through this site how to reformat my sons MP4 player. It allows us to download music again. I played the songs on my computer and know they were/are full songs. Yet, the player will only play a few seconds of each song then stop.
I don’t know anything about these things and don’t know why it is doing this. If the battery is low does it do that? I thought it would just completely shut off, but it doesn’t.

Can someone please help me out here?

This is the player

it is the very first one, the A series reply


Buddy, the mp3 player is in the 'intro' mode. Put it in 'normal' mode and it will play the entire clip. enjoy... reply


omg. this is aweful just bought it. was playing fine one minute then the next was doing this 10 seconds in to the songs then it quit. its an rca mp3 player. reply


How do I get it in 'normal' mode. reply



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