.mtv video splitter / chopper needed

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Hi , i buyed a mp4 player with 1gb and micro sd slot for up to 2gb cards for 20 Euro in an online store in my country (germany)... i like it but it only plays .mtv video i guess, and the including video converter doesnt chop files so large movies cant be skipped fast forward and i if i want to go fast forward i have to increase speed and thats maybe 3 times speed this sux hard because its slow as hell
so i need a good prog to split ".mtv” files in for example 20 mb files... i could use a chopper on the files before i convert it to .mtv format but then i would have to use the convert prog after on every single file and this would kill the fun its an Auvisio Street Beat 1gb and best video resolution it plays is i think 160x128 the including prog goes up to 208x176 but the player wont play that resolution... can anyone help me maybe? reply

Emma, Very informative litlte video. The world is certainly shifting and will continue to. I even put up a fan page for my 86 year old mother and she loves posting on it everyday. You can see her page on FB at @grandma’s 2 cents. We’re into it. RICK reply


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