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Ive ordered this mp4 from ebay and it did not come with the .MTV converter, So i cant play vid’s on the mp4! and it seems to be a big waste, If anyone has this converter plz email it to me,, thanks for the help. reply



You can find a DMV encoder here :
(don’t forget to change the default video size)
Additional tools are available from here :

Hope this will help :) reply


many thanks kbreizh. :). Now I’m gonna look if it works (Don’t wanna waste my mp3 with only music) reply


I transformed the video to .DMV, but it looks bad, because I only see lines and more lines and no video! :(. What can be the problem? reply





Can someone please send me the original fireware. i flashed with teh zlink firware because i thought my fireware was too old to run videos, only to find out it had to be converted to .mtv!

If anyone does have it please send to

Please dont make my mp4 player go to waste!!

thanks reply


i got my mp4 player 2 weeks ago and cant load the software, and the user manual is written so bad...the english is horrible....i have win xp and cant figure out how to change the video format to mtv so it will play...can anybody PLEASE help me....i get no responce from the company and franklly im so tired of all the frustration....THANK YOU ....
warm regards,
christopher weinheimer
email: reply



how can i change any video format to .mtv icouldnt find any conventer reply


Hi Igot an mp3 mtv video from ebay but with no software music is fine but I can’t convert movies is there working software out there? reply


u can check for the software link in the 1st pages of this topic... if u meaning by converting videos n not movies. reply


I know many people asked the same thing, but could somebody mail me the software for converting to .mtv ? The CD that accompanied my player is unreadable, so I am lost. Many thanks in advance. reply


OMG! I have now got perfect video and audio sync!

I have this new firmware! It is awesom!, perfect sync and perfect audio!

Ok, here is what it is:

U basically upgrade your firmware to the 'new' one and u use MP3 Utility 3.06! Thats right 3.06! The audio is now perfect with sync! At last! Long video can now be viewed by these players!

I will update my site 2moro. Please keep checking for the update!

Here is the site linka nd also, sign the guestbook :)

Thanks guys


P.S: Sorry for long time no great gran past away :( reply


hello... one here said there is a HOLD function... but where...???

thanks a lot...

and where to download a latest firmware with MTV support...

mine is 1.5 and 3.2.08

thanks again... reply


I have just purchased one of these players off ebay, then found this forum/topic. I don’t think I will regret getting the player, but I am thankful for everyone’s input here (Peter & Stefan in particular).
I have downloaded the Utilities, but I am not sure where to get the firmware you speak of Peter?
Hoping you can help,
Thanks. reply


I’ve copied a dvd on to my pc How can I convert this into a format the mtv converter tool will recognise?
ps thank you peter for your help reply



There you will find the newest and best firmware! Also please use MP3 Utility 3.06 with this new firmware! My site has ALL you WILL ever need! :)

Here is the link:

If you support my site, please donate to keep it alive! I am thinkingof making the site more known so that all users can search for it easier! Thanks all for you support!

Paypal email:

Thanks guys, hope you like my site :)

Peter reply


@peter hong

sir may we know what version is your latest firmware...???

and what kind of MTV MP3 player do you have...

there is two kind out there... one is 128x96 resolution and 96x64 resolution...

cuz i tried your latest firmware but my MP4/MPX don’t have a display... still working but no display... so i revert it back to firmware 1.5...

thanks a lot... reply


please can some one help please i got a mp4 player that supports .dmv files but oi cant find any anywhere or a converter please can sum one send me sum info or a converter please please please reply


tried to conver a saved dvd to mtv it just says:
No this type codec can not create mpeg II splitter filter. Can some one explain & what can I do I converted a downloaded simpsons episode but downloading takes for ever. reply


does anyone know how to format these little players???? thanx peter...i used mp3 utilities 3.06 and audio is frikin perfect....NO BACKGROUND NOISE!!!!!! SO COOL....anyways does anyone know how to format these players????? reply


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