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@ Peter Hong

Coming back to the firmware and driver Ugrade, do you think possible to use for you unit the same you can use on th Z-Ling?

Takr a look here for the Firmware, manual and driver for the Zling:

and here for the Zling:

It seems to me to be exactly the same player, one with the brand name, the other (your) without.

Marco reply


@ Stefan Burger
About your Zling.
I read the Zling V-Photo VX manual and didn’t find mention: is there, just like on other mini Mp3 player, an HOLD function? (the function that lock all keys just to ensure you don’t operate one by error)

Thank You reply



The mtv format stores the image frames uncompressed (!) within the video stream.
The image format is identical to the hardware characteristics of the player device.

Format is like this:
[file_header] [audio_segment] [image_frame] [audio_segment] [image_frame]...

The audio segments contain mp3 encoded audio. As soon as the content of an audio segments was processed by the player, the player sets the pointer of the display hardware to the address of the next image frame. Therefore the frame rate depends on the time that is necessary to play the content of an audio segment.

As a result of that, bigger audio segments lead to lower frames rates. Smaller audio segments to higher frame rates.

But of course also the bitrate of the encoded mp3 audio information has an impact on the playing time of an audio segment and therefore on the frame rate.

This results in the follwing formulas:

fps = audio_bitrate * 128 / audio_segment_size
audio_bitrate = fps * audio_segment_size / 128
audio_segment_size = audio_bitrate * 128 / fps

The overall file size depends on playing time in seconds and the memory that is consumed for each second. The memory for each second is dependend on the frames per second.

The estimated filesize is computed like this:

estimated_filesize = header_size + (seconds * fps * (img_size + audio_segment_size))
estimated_filesize = header_size + (seconds * audio_bitrate * 128 / audio_segment_size * (img_size + audio_segment_size))
estimated_filesize = header_size + (seconds * fps * (img_size + (audio_bitrate * 128 / fps)))

Regards, Stefan reply



yes, the player has an hold button.

But what I personally like most on the zling-player is, that it is possible to power down the device while watching a bigger video and it is possible to resume watching the video at the same position when powering on the device later.

Regards, Stefan reply


@Peter Hong

i’ve install the “hyper” ver. but when converting the videos the same problems still appears. 'No Codec' reply


Hello! please send me firmware v. 3.2.08 for MP-V07 ( )!! I have updated , but player not to work!! Help!!!! reply


I have updated someone else firmware now want to return back on default. As this do? What move to get old (version 3.2.08) firmware? reply


I have the same problem, have I adjourned the firmwere but anymore the player mp3 doesn’t work , as I does to put again the old firmware? reply


Send me firmware for player ( v. 3.2.08) on
I its will update and player will begin work! reply


to Demetriu

You will update firmware and your player now does not work? reply


Beside me system to see the player as withdrawable disc drive and all... reply


exact, do you know how to resolve it? reply


It is necessary reconstruction get old firmware, only where its take? I have written the producer - , has asked that he gave me old firmware, he has not yet answered. reply


I have bought him on e-bay, I have adjourned the firmwere and it doesn’t now work anymore. does someone know how to resolve this problem? reply


You has firmware for player? Send please on shall is much thanked! reply


@Stefan Burger

Is it possible to fix (hack) the MTV file (either version 3.01 or 3.06) so the video and audio will sync.

With 3.06, the a/v seems to be in sync, but it also create noise. reply


I found a tool “s1fwx” (google for it) to extract my firmware. While comparing the contents of my firmware with Zling V-Photo Vx’s, I found that my firmware is missing “MTVDEC.DSP”. And the file “MP3DEC.DSP” is older.

I tried to flash Zling V-Photo Vx’s firmware but the screen won’t turn on after the flash, so I flash it back.

My player is exactly liks this one
with the same animation when it opens.

It will have sound problem with genMTVtool version 3.06. A/V not in sync with version 3.01 reply


how can i convert avi file or wmv file to mtv file! pls help if somebody know!

thnaks reply


Hi, I just buy 1 day ago, the inovix imp-305 (mtv). The battery is off, and i connected to the usb of my computer to charge about 3 hours. I disconnected and test it and the mp3 player didn’t charge nothing.

I just discover that if I connect to the usb, and put the mp3 player touching the floor, the battery logo, flashes. Maybe in this way, it will charge. Any idea? I will know about this in some hour. And i will post if it charge or not.

Connecting to usb, if i put the mp3 player on my wooden table, the battery logo dont flash. Only if is touching the ground.

C & C welcome. reply


I’am again. Yes, really it works. To charge the mp3 player (inovix imp-305 in my case) i have to connect it to usb of the computer and leave it touching the floor. Then the battery logo flashes and works the process of charge. reply


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