How do I add lyrics to my chinese Mp4 Player?

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I need help to add lyrics to my mp4 player, there’s supposed to be a software for that but it didn’t come with the player. Anybody, pls help! reply

hi u can do that but first u have to install the winamp after that if u have cd with that u can install lerix edit.exe and if not download from my website by requesting in request section after that when the software is installed u have to play that song in winamp and copy the lerix text in that lerix edit software. then there will be one option of time(insert time)
then when that line playes in winamp which is written in lerix u have to pree the insert time by line by line

e.g if it is playing the line"rock ur body”
then at same time u have to click on insert time near rock ur body sentence then when it is finished u will have anyname.lrc file then copy that file and if u have any problem i am always there.bye thank you and take care reply


Thanxx, will help a lot! reply


Could you send me the software, winamp to my email?

thanx reply


Could you please send me the same software Lerix edit.exe to

Thanks reply


me too can u please send me the same software lerix edit.exe to a lot! reply


cud you please send me the winamp software as i have not got it, would be much appreciated reply


It doensn’t work. I made a lrc file from it, and i put it on my mp4 and it doens’t work reply


to put lyrics un ur mp4 player and see it, first u have to save the text file with this format: .lrc

to activate the lyrics in ut player u have to hold a button an d release it. in mine i hold the Menu button and cool! the lyrics are displayed. me mail is for any questions. reply


Could you please also send me the same software, Lerix edit.exe to please and thank u. reply

Feedback reply


Hiyaa yhh so like I just got my mp4 and im really deseperate to put lyrics on it so please if it wont cause you any trouble send me the winnamp program to fanxx this will mean a lot to me reply


me too plz send to my email,
tnx, i will wait.. reply


can you send it to callum aveling[at] plz thanks reply


i mean reply


could you send us that program 2 get lyrics on aswel 2 nice 1. reply


to show the lyrics screen if the .lrc file has been put int he mp4 ,usually there is a red dot in some mp4’s and a little white dot in others. the lyric file must be named exactly as the song and adding .lrc at the end of the file.
there is a program works as a plug-in for winamp, itunes, windows media player, etc. which works very well to create lyric files jost play the song, load a text file with the letter of the songs and press two keys to forward or backward the lyric moment in the song.
i also have a trick to play the double of songs ur player can do ex. 512mb:300 songs instead of 120/1gb:500 songs instead of 300,etc. my mail is: reply


could some please send me the software that i can use to put lyrics on my mp4 player.. thank reply


there are many ones but basically i use one that works as a plug-in in many programs(winamp, mediaplayer, itunes, etc) u can type “download lyrics program” in any web searcher. I use MiniLyrics but if want 2 look for it u can go to:


to activate the lyrics on ur mp4 u must have put the file and the song name correctly like this:


song: Akon - Smack that.mp3
lyric file: Akon - Smack that.lrc

both files must be in the same directory mp4. the extension of lyrics file is .lrc
son when u save it add .lrc at the end of the name of the file.
the name of both files (song and lyric) must be the same in the name but the extension, u know.

finally to enable the “karaoke” just press the menu button u use to got to a menu or to exit to the main menu in the mp4 remember: hold the M button till the lyrics are shown. other thing:
there is a button somewhere like a little dot that is red when there is no lyric file with the songs, so it becomes green when it does, and finally the MP4 player does not support lyric files that has a long name EXAMPLE:

bad(long) - Akon ft Snoop Dogg - I wanna love you

good(short) - Akon - Wanna love u

the same goes for the song name.

the trick is to shrink the mp3 file to the half so it becomes the half capacity shorter
(EX. 3.00MB - 1.50MB) this reduces a bit the song quality but its almost the same the songs play well as the original and u can put many songs u ever wanted.

this work with many programs, i normally use one although is a demo it works well, if ya wanna buy the full version thatz ur problem. the address is: download the
MP3 to ringtone gold demo(cause it dont wanna enter into any legal action or demand, it belongs ro Anming Media Techonology Soft). but it works fine 'cause when u shrink each 5 songs it stops but u delete the last 5 songs IN THE PROGRAM not from the hard disk. and then u shrink 5 more songs and repeat all this till it gets completed. ask me anything via mail about this program.

when u do all this check in the options or setup of the program that bit rate compression is
64 kbit/s this is the normal compression level for all songs if u wanna put it lower songs will degradate when u hear them although it will hold more songs. reply


could you plz send me the program at reply


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