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Please clear the spam.

The “www” portion of Moviecodec is close to dying, and will do so completely if action is not taken.

If not updating the site, at least implement ways to keep spam at a minimum. reply


It would be really nice if the admins had a way to delete all the spam quickly. For instance, by IP address or by user (like we do on the lounge part) I just spent over 6 hours deleting spam threads and there is STILL a few hundred to go. :( reply

How about we just have instant lock on threads all across the site which have been inactive for a set period of time or go to page 2 of the section (e.g. movies, music, etc.) in question.

That alone should stop the necroing of threads by many members.

And if spam like you said IP regulation as in locking all threads made in that section or throughout the site coming from that IP address. And giving the appropriate bans to the member. reply


It looks like Bjarne has implemented measures, or at least bettered them after deleting most of the spam threads and some of the spam posts within threads.

Your suggestion is good for stopping necro and spam, Gay Lord, but keep in mind the point of this main site is to find answers to all questions relating to codecs and multimedia files. It might be helpful to view and post in an older thread with a similar question, which may have been partially or fully answered. :-)

In any case, it’s significantly superior to before. However, there is still a lot of spam and offensive content in random threads regardless of section; it would be nice if I could take care of them, rather than have to compile the issues and send it to Bjarne or a Lounge Admin.
Of course, there hasn’t been much activity recently; it may not be necessary, but either way it will be easier for all concerned. reply



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