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While I’ve been in the computer industry for years, I’m definitely a codec noob... particularly when it comes to encoding.

As such, I recently began to use WinTV and wanted to use it as a DVR. The board is old (98) but works fine, and the software (WinTV2000) seems to work fine. It even RECORDS fine, but uncompressed, my files are 40GB per hour, and not exactly viewable at that size.

There are compression options for recording: under the settings menu, under movies, it asks for the DVR record path and the quality level. Only “AVI” is listed under the “quality level” menu. However, I can click “advanced” next to the quality level drop down and it brings up a window with a codec drop-down list. Several are listed, including various Intel and Microsoft codecs.

However, no matter which video encoder I try (I’ve tried them all), hitting “record” generates an error. Either: “Can not Connect VidCompressor to AVIMux: HR=0x80040207” or “WARNING: Video Compressor not compatible with Video Format Compressor ignored during Capture."

Either way, the recorder defaults to uncompressed settings. Sadly, I really have no idea what’s going on here. Should I download a codec in particular? Is this XP WDM driver ( really incompatible with all those encoders?

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

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It would seem I posted moments too soon. I just found another settings box in WinTV allowing me to change the video “mode." The choices are: RGB 24, RGB 32, YUY2, YVU9, UYVY, YV12 and RGB 555 (16-bit). I can also change the frame rate and resolution. It appears that some of the compression codecs WILL work with some of these settings, but I’m still lost.

I’ll go read some tutorials! In the meantime, can someone suggest a combination of the mode settings above and one of the codecs I have available to me:

Cinepak codec by Radius, DV Video Recorder, Indeo Video 5.10, Indeo Video 5.10 compression filter, Intel 4:2:0 Video V2.50, Intel Indeo Video R3.2, Intel Indeo Video 4.5, Intel IYUV codec, Microsoft H.261 Video Codec, Microsoft H.263 Video Codec, Microsoft RLE, Microsoft Video 1, MJPEG Compressor, MSScreen Encoder DMO, MSScreen 9 Encoder DMO, WMVideo Encoder DMO, WMVideo8 Encoder DMO, WMVideo9 Encoder DMO.

Wow - that’s a lot of choices. And what about audio? I see MP3, WMA, and about two dozen other weird ones to choose from. smile.gif

Thanks again,

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I think I have the solution even though this is 2014!

Yesterday I put a 500Gb HD in my old (circa 2006) PC then spent most of the day installing XP Pro SP1 as I believed it would permit me to also use the old (circa 1998) WinTV card to finally record the contents of our VCR Tapes to PC.

The solution is actually in the WinTV .pdf manual.
Click the Advanced button next to the field specifying AVI and select:
(for video) x264 - H264/AVC encoder
(for audio) AC-3 ACM Codec.

Having done a few test recordings then checking the playback of each; Perfect results ☺

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