Windows Media Player 11 avi problem

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I consider myself pretty computer savvy, and I’ve encountered codec problems several times in the past and have been able to resolve them. I even have the VLC player which plays practically everything.

but now I’ve come across a codec problem that I can’t quite figure out. it’s a XviD AVI file. A codec alert pops up when you play it on WMP, but then it proceeds to play a 21 second clip with some Error message. Right now I suspect that it’s just a trick file or something cause it redirects you to a fake VLC player download site that eventually just forces you to download Zango.... so yea, the alarms immediately went off in my head once I saw that.

but the file is over 700 MB so it can’t be just a 21 second clip. I’ve tried everything I could think of and I’m stumped. any thoughts? reply


Hi, I dunno if this one was asked before?

I already had codecs installed, and could watch all video formats just fine on my WMP11...

But for some unknown reason, just recently, I am now unable to watch the same videos I once could!

It is just the visualisation taht shows, whilst audio sounds out real fine.

What could be the problem?

I can still watch them in WMP Classic though.

Please respond with a reply to my question via my email address. It is a gmail account and begins with isa.kocoglu and then the bit follows.

I wrote it like that to avoid spam bots...

Sorry to inconvenience any would be helpers.

Thank you in advance.

isa reply


I have the same problem sound no vid I try to do vegas 8 pro and there was no vid :( I’ve also try to convert it to avi again making sure it avi codec no luck reply


Hey, I’m really confused. My Windows Media Player 11 only plays the audio for my AVI videos/files/whatever! What should I do? T.T

I’m a Windows XP user... or something -.-;] reply


People, I have Windows Media Player 11 and I’ve just downloaded an AVI file. The sound is PERFECT. But that’s the problem. I only have the sound. The video will not open worth anything. Even when I put it into Movie Maker, it only thinks of it as an audio file. What should I do? I mean, if I tried to change it to a WMV file, it would’ve taken over 25 hours. Can someone please help me with my little problem here? reply


Ive been tryin different solutions also to wmp vista playing my AVI files. Ive downloade KMPLAYER and it works with everything, its great! But Im still looking for the wmp solution so I dont have to have extra programs on my computer. Please contact me at if you have a legit solution. Thanks. reply


im having exact same problem as you Kerry and others.some movies itll work but it wont play avi files.There is soun,clear as daylight.just no pic :s

when i first got my laptop,i installed k-lite codec pack and everything was fine,played anythin i downloaded :)
But 2 months ago,i wiped my system and did a fresh clean install back to factory.I tried re-installing k-lite codec pack,but no joy! reply


Hi kerry,(and others)i have just been googling yet again lol and came across another site to which someone mentioned this link:

Click on the link and download and install it.You will find it plays everything and you will also have sound :)
So no need to have other programs on your computer taking up i downloaded a Divx player 2 month ago to watch my movies and clips from off my phone.

good luck with it

Mike reply


AC3 solved my problem of the audio not working. Thank you so much this worked! reply


my downloand have arrows and dots when i play them on my media how do i clear them reply


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