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This question has probably been asked a number of time. If so please direct me to the answer.

I am running WMP v11 on my Windows Vista system.
I have downloaded a number of .avi files but only some of them want to play on WMP.

The files that are not playing seem to be DVDrip .avi files although there are some of these files that do play. The XviD seems to play but the DivX file does not.

I understand ti is a codec problem and I have seen on the net that I should download and install K-Lite Full which I did but I still have the same problem.

What simple thing am I missing here.

I am a bit lost so would appreciate any help as I am a Newbie just wanting to download and run a few ond movies.

Thanks in advance.

John S reply

You can’t always tell the contents of a file by its filename. I’ve seen too many renamed file extensions and fake filenames to state the contrary. Your best bet is to use a diagnostic tool such as gspot or avicodec to tell you exactly what’s in the file: the container, video codec, and audio codec. Usually video codecs in the AVI container will be identified by their fourcc (four character code) and audio codecs by their tag number. Once you know what you need, you can search it on the web and download and install it.

Quick reference should you encounter these:
Xvid: fourcc XVID - get it here
DivX 5 and later: fourcc DX50 - get it here
DivX 4: fourcc DIVX - get same as above
DivX 3: fourcc DIV3 and DIV4 - get it here

I wouldn’t really recommend codec packs, but if you must get one, get the ffdshow-tryout filters, or an alternative player such VideoLan.

Another thing to keep in mind is you may sometimes encounter incomplete, truncated, or AVI files of incorrect length (gspot will tell you). Windows Media Player can’t play those, even if you have the right codec. What you’d need is something like Media Player Classic or AVIPreview. reply


Thanks for that. Much appreciated. I will look into iot all. John S reply


Hi all,

I’m using Windows Media Player 11 on Vista. I have installed the lated DivX (16.2MB). The images of my .AVI files are now playing fine.

However, part of the audio wouldn’t be played. Some of the audio are fine, while the others are just squeaky gibberish.

Would anyone please advise me? Thanks a lot in advance!

Julius reply


Okay, I have WMP v11 aswell, and i cannot play my videos. I see the video playing, but I do not hear sound... What can I do? I know I have to install a codec. But when I click it, it takes me to a site that does not allow you to download the codec. I have been on all sorts of site and have found NOTHING! I really need these videos to play. My people give links to download a new player. I dont was a new player because I need to work with Windows Movie Maker which uses Media Player so I cant use Quick Time or anything else. Please help me with my problem. I need to make a movie for school... reply


sometimes audio does not play because the file may be using AC3 codec.try downloading the AC3 codec and your video should play just fine reply


Well, I’ve done countless hours of research trying to figure out exactly what needs to be done.

As mentioned above, My scenario is as follows:

My HP Digital Camera records in .AVI.
I’m running a Vista OS and I NEED to use WMP.
I will get full video, but no audio.

What’s strange, though. When I originally purchased my Toshiba Vista powered notebook at the beginning of the year, for the first 3 weeks, it played my .AVI videos (and audio part of it) NO PROBLEM. It was perfect.

So, as most previously mentioned, downloading the AC3 codec should resolve this issue so that I can play this in Windows Media Player v11?

Much appreciated,

Jeff reply


cant play the .avi file extension in divx and windows media player...what shuold i do? reply


I am running WMP 11 on vista and I am able to view/hear .avi files. However, I am unable to watch .avi files at speeds greater than 1x. I know computers are able to perform this feature because I am forced to watch these videos at school. Are there codecs for this? Thanks

lad54 reply


i dont know wat u guys are on about being able to play avi that is bullshit to me i have been downloading countless avi player etc and since i have downloaded avi i have never been able to play any of them not on win media player 11 no a zilch not a zip nothing will play my avi files dom player vlc avi player nothing there is nothing i can use to play avi’s so i think u guys are all tripping if there is something that lets me watch an avi i would be wrapped but since i cannot watch avi’s i wont download them again reply


I’m not a computer savvy person but i had the same problem with being able to see but not hear....

i downloaded codecs from divx AND xvid and can now see AND hear everything....

hope this helps reply


And it’s .avi that i’m playing

Good luck reply


when I open an avi file the win media player actually launches, but just for a second and then it immediately closes. the same thing happens when I am trying to open a wma file. anyone knows what it is? thanks reply


madmax, are you like 11 or something? i couldn’t understand half of what you said. the problem you are having is not knowing what codec was used to compress the file. get gspot or a similar program to find what vid and aud codec was used. will also tell you if the file is incomplete or overextended, either of which corrupts the file and cannot be used by WMP. some programs can fill the gaps and let you view what you do have. search around reply


oh and btw. most video problems can be solved by getting Xvid codec or DivX codec. these are the most popular codecs being used to compress the files for peer-to-peer. i’ve never had audio problems w/ torrents, but if you do, try downloading AC3. REMINDER, THIS IS FOR .AVI CODEC PROBLEMS!
.avi files do work if you know what to do. i mean hell...most video files for media player in done in .avi so madmax, stop being a retard reply


Why use all different codecs etc etc. My wmp11 won’t play normal cd’s or AVI sound. I have the video though. So I just downloaded these 2 players jetaudio player and vlc player which plays anything I throw at it. problem sovled reply


download divX installer + your media player will play all video types.
my media player wouldnt play videos or films but now i got divX installed i have no problems at all. reply


shuga wrote:
download divX installer + your media player will play all video types.
my media player wouldnt play videos or films but now i got divX installed i have no problems at all.

i just downloaded the latest wmp and now my avi’s wont play at all i think it was the codec included in the pack they are faulty. i have un-installed and re-einstalled divx to try and overided the codec but it will not work. my advise dont use newest wmp codec when option comes up. for now im stuck if i get solution ill post it/. reply


stevehiggi... you hit it dead-on. I tried jetaudio player basic and not only could I get audio for my AC3 Divx, but it’s a great little app too!

THANKS!! reply


I am using vista home ultimate on my home computer. I installed an nividia geforce 8600 gs and now when i play avi files there are these little arrows and dots. Not on any other media player though. Only media center and media player. I downloaded divx and xvid and nothing.any ideas anyone. reply


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