Whats the difference between DVD-R DVD-RW DVD+R DVD+RW????

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Hi, I am looking into buying a DVD burner. I wish it was as easy as just purchasing a burner, but there are so many different types it’s insane! Whats the difference between DVD+-RW; DVD-RW; DVD+RW and so on?

I have no idea which type I should buy.

I was looking at a double layer 16x generic at some local stores. It is a DVD+-RW...Is that what I want.

Please help me guys, I’m dazed and confused ?:( reply


Try reading online guides and reviews.
Here’s one from PC Magazine. There’s more if you google.
http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,1592826,00.asp reply


Good brands are LiteOn, Pioneer and Sony.

And yip, at this time you should really be looking for a dual-layer burner (has a capacity of over 8GB). Pioneer makes one which is dual-format/dual-layer:


The - or + decision is cancelled out since the Pioneer DVR-108 burns both formats (dual-format). reply



From my experience it is always best to go for DVD+ discs (whether +R or +RW). The + discs are compatible with far more drives. reply



R stands for recordable and RW stands for rewritable. Clearly one you can erase and rerecord on. The R (recordable) is a one time record deal. As for the + and -, they are different formats and in that case you should check into what your using and that decides whether to go with + or -. The one person was right about the + being compatible with more but if you can do both it will be no problem. reply


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