what did Gollum think the reason Frodo and Sam wanted to go to mordor

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Gollum after losing the ring has stalked the fellowship after the fellowship was broken he attacked Frodo and Sam disprate to retrieve the ring but failed and became their guide not knowing why they needed to go to mordor he led them through swamps and finally to the black gate but after seeing that it was gaurded by residents Gollum told them of another way afterwards he briefly reformed untill Faramir capturing leading me to think that Frodo broke the oath after being released he betrayed Frodo and Samwise by plotting to kill them in order to get the ring back so he lead them upstairs got rid of Sam and led Frodo to Shelob the hungry spider but after escaping Shelob he learned that the Ring had to be destroyed after another attempt to get it from Frodo Frodo flipped him in the hole which was his short cut to mount doom where he surprised Frodo and Sam with another attempt to get the ring but failed once more after fighting the invisible Frodo and bitting off his finger he finally reterieved the ring after getting what he wanted back he danced into madness but then tumbled off the edge and into the lava perishing with his prized posseion so what did Gollum think Frodo and Sam wanted to do after they got to mordor before knowing that the ring had to be destroyed . reply

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thank you i ll give that a try hopefully i wont need an email address to do so . reply


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