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I recently installed iTunes, and since then, when I go to watch a movie on say Youtube, instead of the video playing, theres just the Quicktime logo faded, with a question mark in front of it? I had this problem before but don’t know how it fixed itself, any help would be great. (I use Mozilla Firefox). Thanks. reply

I got the same problem too, and can’t work out how to get around it either ?? reply


QuickTime might be trying to handle flash media. (It’s a nasty habit that many programs have when they install themselves: they take over file associations both in windows explorer and in your browser).
If this is what happened, open QuickTime, go to Edit, Preferences, QuickTime Preferences; go to the Browser tab, and click on MIME Settings. Then uncheck Flash Media in the Miscellaneous section. (I personally uncheck everything... but that’s just me)
Let me know if it works. reply


nah I tried that and still don’t work. Gettign right on my nervs now as have to keep installing and unstalling quicktime so I can get iTunes to work reply


Thanks that was really heufpll. I’ve been on the fence as to the usefulness of the iPad but I definitely see a use for it now. As much as I prefer open-source whenever possible, I have doubts that another manufacturer will be able to pull off the ease of use the iPad seems to have.Does the Sketchbook Pro app (which is a steal at $10) export in some format with layers that can be pulled into Photoshop, Illustrator or maybe Inkscape? reply


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