Video will play, but I cant skip ahead

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I downloaded a video and the beggining is kind of boring so I wanted to skip ahead. But when I fast forword it just “stops” the movie at the second I put it and continues playing. IE: Theres a still picture on the screen, yet the time keeps moving up.

I’ve downloaded alot of different players and nothing has fixed this. Any help appreciated. reply


It says its a “AVI Video” file and I’m trying to use real player to play it.

Its 1:23:45 long but as soon as I get to 22:34 I cant fast forward ahead anymore otherwise it wont play. But if I dont try to fast forward it will play fine. I just dont want to sit through 30-40 minutes of crap just to see what I want to see. reply



Can anyone help or not? reply


Did you download the video. If you did, then first make sure it is 100% complete. Then, use a different media player for movies rather than RealOne v10.

I personally use RealPlayer for audio and something called DivX Player for the movies. It accepts any type of movies. reply



Yeah its completely downloaded. It even shows me like a freeze frame of whereever I forward ahead to, but wont continue and play. Its really not making any sense. If I leave the movie on it will play from start to finish no problem...but I just cant skip ahead.

Its even doing this for a few videos now. reply


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Oh thats what I gotta do?

Why thank you for taking the time out of your day to help me out with this. It is much apprechiated. reply



Thanks for all the help.

Or lack of it. reply


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It is a handicap if you’re minor defect, but not if you are intelligent retard. reply

If you converted your avi to make a dvd be sure to checkmark chapters and you can skip from one to the next one.VSO ConvertXtodvd is a easy converter and shows you how many chapters are in your file.If you have only one is nothing to skip. reply


Need Help
If you still have your problem try re-encoding it. TMPGEnc will convert almost any file.



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