Using JVC Everio GZ-MG .MOD with Mac iMovie

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Esther, I have a Mac iBook and have been looking at the JVC and price watching but not yet purchases. Keep me posted.
What type of Mac do you have? Does the provided software not work? reply



I have one of these JVC Everio’s. It came with Pixela’s Capty MPEG Edit EX, which, if I read it correctly, it should be able to convert the movies to something that will work on iMovie:

Did anyone else get this software with their camera and have they tried to use it to convert the movies to be usable on the Mac? reply

I have one of these JVC Everio’s - got it as a gift but haven’t used it yet. It came with Pixela’s Capty MPEG Edit EX, which, if I read it correctly, it should be able to convert the movies to something that will work on iMovie:

Did anyone else get this software with their camera and have they tried to use it to convert the movies to be usable on the Mac? reply

I thank you all for your postings and help. Until I read this forum, I thought I wasted a great deal of money on a camera (GZ-MG37) that I would be unhappy using as I could not edit and create using imovie and idvd. You all changed that and I am so pleased. Please, continue to help others. It is integral.
Thanks so much all! reply



Hi guys,

I have got the 77 version of the JVC camera range and also new to mac. I have managed to convert the original .MOD file fine except I am worried about the quality? have bought mpeg2 addon from apple and the fastest way to convert the files that I have found is to open them in stream clip and then slect 'save as'. From what I read this just saves the MPEG2 stream that is in the .MOD files as it is a very fast process. THe problem is that I have no audio in any applications that I use to open this file?

Does anyone have any words of advise on getting a lossless copy of the .MOD file from 16:9 to a version that imove can use and keep the audio? Other versions that I used when converting make the file go from 17mb to 40mb! where did all the extra data come from? also I have noticed massive contrast differences between several different codecs that I use. reply


I bought a GZ-MG505E and was at first very concerned about not being able to use the files in imovie on a Mac. I tried the trial DropDV but this will never be used again. MPEG Streamclip has solved all my problems. It can convert batches of files at once and they are then ready for imovie. Provision for widescreen. This is the program that JVC should have provided with the camera or should be telling their Mac customers to use now. The biggest surprise is that MPEG Streamclip is free. A big thank you to the developers. reply


Weird thing is, even when I get the clips in to IMOVIE, it still doesnt work with editing and cropping the movie. Too frustrating. I took the camera back today and returned it.

Any ideas for what kind of camera I should get that will work with my MAC with no problems?

any ideas?

thanks reply



Thanks....I had the same problem reply


I have JVC GZMC200 and macbook. I have used streamclip to convert the mod files but cant get the audio. I want to edit in Final cut studio.
Anyone got any ideas? This is so annoying... reply


Hey dude thanks heaps. I was just about to smash my new camera and mac book reply


After starting to read this thread I immediately went and downloaded Drop DV and registered it. I then discovered the problem where 16:9 recordings are imported at 4:3 and the need to load then into Quicktime Pro and then export correcting the aspect ratio.

This is very time consuming and not nearly the best option.

I have since discovered MPEG StreamClip ( which is brilliant!

There is no need to copy the *.mod files from the camera first and no need to then convert using QuickTime Pro.

Simple drag the *.mod file into MPEG StreamClip, wait a few seconds for it to load and then select “Export to DV” from the file menu. Ensure that you select the desired aspect ratio.

The process is much faster the drop DV and QT pro on my Intel iMac. I am talking seconds instead of minutes.

The only drawback is that only one file can be processed at a time. Hardly a major issue.

I hope this helps some others. I cannot recommend MPEG StreamClip highly enough especially for the price :)


Likkie. reply


My Everio mg21 gave me a message stating: “Broken file management” The camera still takes videos clips, but I and it appears to load clips into a file on the desktop, But when I try to convert them to mpeg using Dropdv, I get a message saying “Error file”. I can’t figure out whether the camera is broken or if the Dropdv program is broken. Any suggestions? reply


DONT PURCHASE DROP DV! I found the quality was lost and the picture got shakey. The free software that comes with the JVC EVERIO will convert to most formats. reply


I bought a sony harddrive camera and had the same problems with my mac that you are talking about. I returned it soon after and have been on the market since. I mainly liked the idea simply because it saves all the time off recording off of the camera, yet with all this software and going through different processes it seems that it won’t save me the time at all. I realize that the camera “muxes” the information, which combines information on it. If anybody has seen a harddrive recordable camera out there that just records directly into a readable format for macs, PLEASE let me know. reply



You are a legend! I’ve had my Mac for about 3 months and have been heavily into dvd editing since then. I bought a JVC Enverio which I tried to edit 16:9 aspect ratio movies using imovie and IT SUCKED! Tried dvddrop and it worked ok on some things but generally still sucked. I downloaded mpegstreamclip and OH MY GOD - it has solved all my problems. The main problem with everything else I’ve tried was that editing (particularly transitions) just didn’t happen for me. Some did but they left black gaps between the clip and the start of the clip or, they paused just after the transition and then jumped into the clip. The reason we use transitions is to smooth the change between clips but this was just not happening. Mpeg Streanclip has solved all that and is much better quality and more vivid colours. Your a chanpion for suggesting this in a forum and I suggest other suffering the same problems as mentioned above download this FREE program (as apposed to DropDV) and use it. Well done baldybean.

Far Canal reply


Follow these steps. this guy is a genious. Thanks so much for the help. you rock reply


Quick note: The Capty MPEG Edit EX software for the Mac that comes bundled free with more recent Everio cams is actually a handy alternative to DVDrop and suchlike for converting your .MOD clips to .dv or .mov files which iMovie can read.

Just copy all the .MOD files from your Everio onto your Mac in a new folder, open up Capty, load the clip you want (Apple F), make a new folder then convert it straight away (Apple M) into either .dv file or Quick Time .mov file into that new folder. You can load the converted files in iMovie. Seems to work OK.

It’s all a bit of a pain though and hugely time-consuming. Especially disappointing from Apple who trumpet the universality of the Mac. reply


Thank you for sharing this information. You are saving some of us a lot of headaches! I have two questions for you about using MPEG streamclip:

1. When you say “open them through MPEG Streamclip to convert”, how do you do that? Can you convert multiple files at the same time or do they have to be done one at a time?

2. When you export the DV files, where do you send them and how do you label them so iMovie can import them in chronological order?

3. When you said “fix the data breaks” what did you mean and how do you do that?

Again, thank you very much for taking the time to help those of us in the crowd who are less tech savvy.


baldybean wrote:
JVC Everio
------------------Widescreen 16:9 editing--------------------

I received a response from DropDv support about the 4:3 aspect ratio and they said that DV files are in 4:3 regardless of how they were filmed. As I use the JVC MG27 with the widescreen display I want to be able to edit my work in widescreen not just export the finished product to widescreen.

This was my DropDv work flow:
-Upload clips to my computer in the newly created folder per JVC’s insructions
-Search for .mod files in the folder containing the clips
-Drag them to DropDV and all files are converted and put into a new folder with an iMovie link. All files are now DV files.
-Now, as I want to edit in widescreen I would export or share all the clips to quicktime and at this time change the size to 1920x1080 under the expert setting option. For more info on this open iMovie help and search “16:9 export”. Near the bottom is a supporting article explaining how to do this.
-Now I would Import the 16:9 quicktime movie into iMovie and begin edititing. This is a long slow process. All this for $39.95

This was not worth it. If I used 4:3 all this would be avoided but since I paid for 16:9, have a 16:9 TV, I would like to use it. The 16:9 is not distorted as mentioned in another postwhen it is viewed on 16:9. It is distorted when viewed as 4:3.

Mpeg Streamclip is the best choice for widescreen editing. It is free but you may need to purchase the quicktime mpeg 2 viewer for 19.99 from Apple.

Here is the widescreen workflow:
-Upload clips to my computer in the newly created folder per JVC’s insructions
-Search for .mod files in the folder containing the clips
-Open them through Mpeg Streamclip to convert them, fix the data breaks then export to DV 16:9.
-Open iMovie and import the DV 16:9 files, begin editing. Save movie however you wish.

Mpeg Streamclip offers many more options for how you want to convert your files, an impressive and easy to read manual, and it is free. Using widescreen changes alot. DvDrop is great for 4:3 but not for 16:9. Mpeg Streamclip is great for both, and it’s cheaper in the end.

I know this is wordy but I hope this helps.



is there any free programs? besides DropDV, because the wirting over the screen. any other Video converters? reply


I also have one of these jvc everios... would love to say that it’s been full of pain-free experiences, but like most people, I find the conversions really time consuming ... and the tech help via jvc canada really unhelpful...

My question is this... I use Arkaos live vj3.6 for performing music live and I can’t get that software or iMovie [on my macbook pro] to recognize a live streaming camera.

Would mpeg streamclip rectify the problem... if so, how would it work?

Thanks for your suggestions! reply

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