Trying to mirror image my desktop or get a media player that can

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Hey everyone I hope this is the place for me to find help on this. About 6 months ago I paid 15 bucks for a kit to make your own movie projector using a fresnel lens. I popped a hole in my 40 dollar walmart black entertainment center and stuck the lens to that. Viola instant home theater. Using my computer flatscreen LCD monitor and this box with fresnel lens I have a projector with a pretty decent resolution can even read text. here’s the problem
since I’m using a fresnel lens the image is flipped upside down and mirror imaged. Luckily my Nvidia Geforce card software manager has the ability for me to flip my desktop ON JUST MY Monitor not my TV 90 degrees which solved the upside down picture problem. NOw I just need to figure out how to either make my desktop mirror image or get a media player that can play all my AVI, .WMA, .MPG, .MPEG files DIVX , OGG, the works
oh yeah would like to be able to play my DVDs using Intervideo software I got too. IF there is a magical media player out there with an option to turn on and off mirror imaging of movie whether windows file or DVD format preferablly both. So close to having a perfect theatre like picture on my wall it hurts. Can read the text just need to mirror the image can’t translate shit in my head that fast when it comes to watching a movie with subtitles I’m lost. tried watching bourne supremacy like that and was lost totally forgot the whole movie. Watched again but was drunk. SHould watch it again sometime but that movie was kinda boring :> Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. My ideal utility I’d like to find is something that’ll let me manipulate my entire windows desktop like with my Nvidia software. flipping the whole desktop 90 degrees was a handy util. But now I just need a mirror imaging util. Email me at
Been waiting 6 months to get this working can wait longer I guess :> searched all over the net for mirror imaging plugins to no avail. reply

i dunno reply


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