Tribler: A Next Generation Bittorrent Client!!!!

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The latest version of the “social” BitTorrent client Tribler integrates BitTorrent with YouTube while offering the best of both worlds: ease of use, browsing with thumbnails, HDTV quality, n Video on Demand support. The client uses an recommendation system to suggest what u might enjoy.
After U’ve downloaded a few files the application should know if u r the Madonna type or more a Britney person. Moreover, it is the first P2P system which has merged online friends n a sense of community without using any central server. Tribler also runs on a Linux set-top box n is expected 2 hit the shops b4 the end of this year.
Some of the features of Tribler which set it apart from other BitTorrent clients r:
Easy downloading: Moves P2P beyond keyword search, YouTube grid of thumbnails
Recommendation N Friends: See what other people like, related files, find person with the same taste
Video on Demand: When the download is on its way, u can use the integrated video player 2 start watching ASAP
Wealth of content: Search both BitTorrent, Youtube, n Liveleak 4 content.
U can dload Tribler V4.0 @ reply

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