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wait.... you mean..... Undead disco? o.O reply



Hells yeah! Zombies and everything! reply

*hides* o.o
Disco was scary enough without the zombies. reply


But they’re awesome zombies. :(

Like MJ and Elvis! :D reply



Well zombie MJ has been done before. o.o
*starts dancing the thriller* reply


Wow! Never posted here before!

It’s been always the lounge for me...

Came here from checking Zeoc’s most recent reply. reply

Zeoc713 wrote:
Well zombie MJ has been done before. o.o
*starts dancing the thriller*

Time for him to be done again! XD

Hallo Hybrid Theory. reply



This looks like a nice thread. reply


The Omnipotent Pirate wrote:
This looks like a nice thread.

If it weren’t, you’d see flowers and pink unicorns painted on the walls in an attempt to make it look nice. Guaranteed. reply

~a wild J peth appears reply


J peth wrote:
~a wild J peth appears

Pirate uses Splash Attack!

It’s Super Effective! reply


Haven’t been on here in awhile. *yawns* though why I choose to get on now when I’m so tired, I have no idea XD

not to mention the fact that there’s probably no one on here :p reply


LoL, Here I am...
since you are very tired, why not go to bed?
wow... October is coming soon.. and then Christmas...New Year~ reply

We aren’t even past the horrible candy-giving of Halloween, I can’t think about Christmas. >.< reply

But.... I loves Halloween. =^.^=

and I’ve been called a Grinch on more than one occasion XD reply


I don’t mind Halloween for the leftovers.

But seriously, I bought all that damned chocolate, should be mine. >.> ALL MINE! -addict- reply

I love it for the costumes, masks, decorations, scary movies, halloween parties... oh and candy corn X3 reply


I’d love the costumes if I could actually get one together. :(

Always thought that tearing apart some of my spare bed sheets and making an Order robe from Guilty Gear to dress like Ky Kiske would be awesome.

But noooooooo... reply

well looks like October Spamfest 2010 is officially underway at The Lounge, courtesy of Troll These Nuts Jr reply


Yeah let’s just make sure he stays preoccupied with that. reply

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