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...Almost there... reply


OH YEAH! reply


Hell yeah, on page 12 of fanfic. This is going really good lol. reply

Tyreaus wrote:
Hell yeah, on page 12 of fanfic. This is going really good lol.

Oh my, sounds like your having fun. I wanna read it when your done :D reply


Stop spamming, please. reply

I just need some posts...
Ignore that, I’ll stop. reply


You better...I let you get away with it to get to 1,000 but I only give that leeway to people once. reply

Wow, this thread hasn’t gotten a post for a while.
Anyway, I need to test a few things...
Hello world.



Just checking word fonts and oh, hi Tyreaus. reply


Haven’t been on here in awhile. reply


Aaaaaaaaaaand I iz invadin' this bish.

Not really lol. Was gonna say Dead Head is cool for liking Final Fantasy X, my favorite FF although haven’t played beyond in and X-2 in FF series lol, but I’m sure X is one of the best at least. reply

Tyreaus wrote:
Not as phresh as this.

That is pretty cool. Interesting how he got all the different sounds from different objects, as well as how he held them. that must have taken a lot of time for him to figure out. reply

Lol, I’m thinking of leaving/forgetting about the Lounge section altogether, and at the most coming to plain old MovieCodec.

Seems like a nice choice at the moment...:D

The Lounge is only giving me headaches and trouble. For some reason, it wasn’t so bad back in April - June of 2010...maybe it took me a while to realize it is really just that crappy. Oh and the genital spamming the other day in it. ROFL.

-Edit- Also is the recent posts not showing up on profiles (at least when viewing them on the Lounge) a glitch? If so is that getting fixed?

Also I was wondering if your rep number can be shown next to your username, like on this page for instance? I would like Bjarne to do that change, and if he’s reading this, my name changed to MJOLNIR (and to be honest, the person who registered with this name did so, so long ago, and has only one post and he made it on the day he/she joined, and never logged back in after that day, and this can be confirmed here) and he/she obviously will never return, so I thought if I can have the name?

Also it would be nice if we can view what our reps are from the codec section...instead of having to visit the lounge side to see that. I’m just trying to not go to anything after “” as much as possible. Even just logging in there to check PMs has failed in preventing my addiction of posting there and wasting hours on there in general, but I’ll see if going there just to see my full profile (to see what the new reps are I may get in the future) will work in preventing the addiction, by clicking the link to my full profile in my profile here. If this fails I’ll probably forget about looking at the full profile. Whatever fails to prevent me from posting and wasting time there, I’m going to have to stop and forget about. Wasting the amount of time I usually (for some reason, which is probably the addiction) waste there has a negative impact on my current life, and it doesn’t feel good. reply

I hear you Hybrid! I waste a lot of time on the Lounge as well and then feel bad about it after. It used to be fun because everyone knew each other and joked around. I joined because of the religion section and I enjoyed the debates and really enjoyed explaining things to people. Then, I seemed to become the person that people came to for advice or just to listen, which I really enjoyed. At least I felt productive and useful. Now the vs section has taken over, and all of the spamming has make taken over the good conversation that we used to have.

I keep going back, in hopes that something interesting will come up, or that I can help someone, but this is very rare. Besides, most of the people who value my help either PM me, or email me now.

I even offered to be an admin, since I am here so often, and then at least I would feel like I am being productive.

I hope you don’t leave completely as you are one of the good ones, but I understand your reasoning. Take Care! reply

Lol, thanks for saying I’m one of the good ones. I try to be, even though from my posts on the Lounge (mainly the VS forum), I would seem to some as one of the “spammers”, though that’s most likely since I often stick up for Dragon Ball (and we know how badly that’s viewed there), and/or at times I am pretty bored while on the Lounge, so in an attempt to create lulz for myself, I would create some funny or weird threads/topics that I find funny.

Reading and posting on the VS Forum, for the most part is fun. For a long time, I had a passion for debating who would win against who in a battle, whether it’s concerning video games or other types of fictions, but when it drains half your day, you start regretting you spent time in it at all. I don’t have this problem while playing games, for instance, or when I’m facebooking, checking emails, or on YouTube, but the Lounge Forums? Holy crap. It’s like I’ll make a post, sit there waiting for someone to reply, just so I can post again, and wait for another reply! It’s madness, and I really should man up and do something about it...

Good news though, is that I managed to for a whole month, stop going to the Lounge altogether. Just when I thought that addiction was cured, in the last few days, I managed to hop back on it again, and lol, huge circle.

I guess I believed I can lounge (using this as a verb :p) while being in control and not wasting massive amounts of time on it, but there’s almost always something that makes me linger on it for way more than I intended or expected. One reason being wanting to wait for a reply, like I said. Or, wanting to read an entire long thread, or making a long post, etc., but I was wrong about that, so off the Lounge again I go! :D reply

Congrats on staying away for a whole month! lol I have done that a few times too, but to be honest, I am just so bored all the time, and the people on the Lounge are kinda like family now, so, I always end up going back.
Kind of like “Cheers” - where everyone knows your name - LOL

It is a comfort thing, and fills boredom most of the time.


Oh, and as for the “good ones” remark, I don’t go to the vs threads, so that is probably why I haven’t seen “that” side of you. reply

TiggerLover wrote:
Congrats on staying away for a whole month! lol I have done that a few times too, but to be honest, I am just so bored all the time, and the people on the Lounge are kinda like family now, so, I always end up going back.
Kind of like “Cheers” - where everyone knows your name - LOL

It is a comfort thing, and fills boredom most of the time.


I hear you (not really since I’m reading, but you know what I mean :p) and thanks.

I need to develop new techniques on getting me to stop coming. Once I wondered to myself, what if I stay on the Lounge for 12 straight hours without food, water or sleep, and became so sick of it that I would not desire to come back to it any longer, lol, or what if I just stop constantly worrying about the issue like I was before. Would this somehow program me to stop coming? So on and and so forth. Lol, so much for my claiming I’ll be gone for a while in my post 2 days ago (posted on the Lounge like 30 times ever since). My first big post in this thread got me off the Lounge for a month; the second post failed completely, but now I believe I may be able to pull off at least a week. There’s currently nothing I want to read or do there, so hopefully this should work...trial #2...

Oh, and I am COMPLETELY ok with coming here. Nothing’s wrong with codec, just the Lounge that wastes the crap out of my time and gets me into arguments I don’t feel too pleased getting/being in.

Nice Winnie the Pooh sig. There’s an entire world in Kingdom Hearts dedicated to Winnie & friends. XD reply

[My first and perhaps only post on the www side with this account:]


-- Post #1,014 reply

Wow, good times. reply


splimy “a language disorder”. I’m not sure if it is a true language disorder or if the language problems are due to problems with processing speed/executive functioning. It should be noted these examiners did not dx ASD; they felt the correct dx was ADHD and/or SPD. Hence, the need to “explain” the language problems in the absence of an ASD dx. Whew...confusing!! reply


ps -- we dfienetily have a big dose of the slow processing Kris talked about. In fact, sometimes Toby’s speech actually slows down to the point where he sounds like he’s doing a parody of an old LP on the wrong speed, he stretches out every syllable. But it comes and goes. It really seems like it’s an intermittent thing. I wish I could detect a pattern in the intermittency. I feel like there is something there. reply


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