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Adios RL. =3 reply



-peeks in-

So, is this where all the intelligent people are?

Can I come in? reply

Of course. Everyone with good intentions is welcome. :) reply

Well, it will be nice to get away from the vs. topics and flaming. I do like having conversations with people in the Lounge. reply



That’s what we’re aiming for, going back to the real meaning of the “Lounge”. None of that Vs. stuff or senseless flaming, so on.

Also, to the mod/admin (you know who you are), thank you. :)

EDIT: If anyone has anything they’d like to add to the main post, just speak up. Anything goes after all. reply

You’re certainly welcome here Tigger. =^.^= Always nice to have you around. :) reply


Ooh, shiny balls time! x3 reply



Lol, I was thinking about doing something with that with your drawing actually :p
but then I couldn’t post it on here now could I? ahaha XD
Oh but really, I’ve been sketching for awhile. Trying to get things right but haven’t done anything worth showing yet.(that and I’ve erased like everything I’ve drawn. Practice I suppose you could call it) reply


lol Zoccy you should show us anyway. Before you erase it I mean. Scan it and look back at it to see what is good and what isn’t, then maybe erase it.
Also, as for 'not being able to post it here', use a censor bar lol. reply

Alright then. I’ll get back to drawing and post what I do :p
Though as for the shiny balls one, I think a censor bar would ruin the commedy of it XP but oh well. *grabs my sketchpad and goes back to work* reply


Lighting effects! =D reply

Done with the sketch for ya. Lemme know what you think of it :3



Holy crap. o.o That’s really good. Like, I expected something, but not that.
If that’s you out of practice I can only wonder how you are with practice.


^-^ reply

*smiles* hehe I’m glad you like it =^.^= reply


I’m thinking I should make that into an avatar...
I’m also thinking about dinner...
o.o reply

If I weren’t so dang lazy I could probably color it for ya XD

And whatcha gonna get for dinner? o.o reply


Well I WAS working on it until my photoshop stopped working. >.>
-tries to find ambition among the frustration while nursing headache-

As for dinner, don’t know. Father had to get dental surgery done, so I question whether we’ll even eat tonight. o.o reply

If you were here I could make ya something :3
Right now I’m using Ubuntu. Photoshop is installed in Windows (I have a partition). I’d have to restart, log onto windows, and do it on there, but I couldn’t get online because it doesn’t have any anti-virus. =/ reply


So this is the new club house eh? I wonder if Bjarne will mind...
I also have to make dinner. I’m all alone this weekend and I haven’t felt like eating yet:p.
Better get to it! reply


Well hey there Tree :)
Good to see ya.
What about you, what are you gonna get? :p reply


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