The enumerator has become invalid

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Recently upgraded with a new codec pack, but now in WMP I get “The enumerator has become invalid” on some videos, but not all. i can play those same videos in Divx or other players, just not WMP. additionally, if i boot into Safe Mode it will play in WMP. any ideas? It’s WMP10 the codec those videos have is FFDSHOW (but i’m not sure how related that is because some FFDSHOW movies are fine) reply

Sorry mate, I don’t have the answer. I wish I did! Please do me a favour? that is, when you find out the answer to your question, let me know. I have the same damn problem and can’t figure it out! It’s a friggin conspiracy!!

Simeon reply


Me too damn its driving me crazy !!!
it was fine a day ago but now it cant play....
if you find out the answer can you please e mail me???
PLEASE !!! reply


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