some vob files won't play in dvd player

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i’ve got 4 dvd’s that i have burned recently and have 2 that work perfectly in my dvd player and 2 that do not. they are all vob files burned to disc with nero, they have all been burned on the same brand dvd’s from the same spindle with the same burner. the 2 that don’t work in the dvd player(s) i did try them in another player with the same result, play fine on my computer. any ideas what might be wrong and what i can do to fix it? reply

If you convert all 4 dvd’s before burning and your file came from pal video system you may have a pal system dvd to play on a NTSC dvd player or the other way around.This happens when your converter and Nero are set on automatic.Before start burning check details on Nero and find out the standard and format of your project.On pc is working because most of the video players softwares work both Pal/NTSC.It’s about FPS frame per second rate and Pal has 25FPS and NTSC 29FPS.Virtual DubMod is a tool to check the frame audio/video. reply


this is the way i burned the files.
they all came in .rar format so i extracted them to a temp directory. the temp directory had two sub-directories,i believe au and ts, with the au being empty. the ts had vob, bup, etc files in it. i put the .vob files only in another directory and compressed them so that the whole thing would fit on a dvd and then i burned them to a dvd using nero. i’m pretty sure this is the way i did all 4. i’m not at home so i am trying to remember how i did things and am pretty sure this was it. maybe someone could pick this apart and see what is wrong. reply

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