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I have analog cable with HBO and am trying to record to a Sharp VCR. The cable goes from wall to cable box to VCR to TV. The VCR can be in TV or VCR mode. When in TV mode, the VCR only records channel 13, regardless of what channel is on the cable box and what I’m watching on TV. In VCR mode, I have to set the cable box to channel 3 because all of the other channels are fuzzed out, and then control what channel to record with the VCR tuner. Unfortunately, premium channels like HBO come in scrambled, I guess because the VCR tuner doesn’t have a descrambler like the cable box.

Is this some kind of copy protection or something screwy with my VCR? Is there any way to get around this? I should be legally allowed to time-shift HBO shows, so I don’t see why they’d copy-protect it.

Thanks for any help,
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