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I have a movie in the form of .rar files that I use winrar to open. Once it goes through the extraction process, it brings up a .bin and a .cue file. When I try to open the .bin file, it opens in wordpad as funny characters. I’ve tried easyvcd but I can’t use it because I can only get the .bin file after going through winrar. How can I get the movie to play? Thanks reply

theirs a few ways to change a cue bin file to a viewable file. you can download vcdgear which will do all the work for you. download it from vcdgear.com reply


Just use Nero or virtually any other CD burner. Use the “burn CD from image” option. reply


You can watch/preview a movie straight from the .bin using VideoLAN (www.videolan.org)

A .bin is a image. It’s usually of a (S)VCD if it’s a movie. Burn it in the way NRen2k5 said. reply


if i have a bin and cue file can i burn it to cdr and play it in a dvd player?? reply


Sure can. Put both the .bin and .cue file in the same folder. Then open Nero and select the .cue to burn it. reply


!:) idea get windows media centre solve all my problems. if you need it you can find it ;)

and yes yes a A .bin is a image. need to know that first!



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