Quicktime screen is green!

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I have a problem with Quicktime... If i play a video i can only hear sound becouse video goes green:S
I downloaded that quicktime alternative codec pack but i didnt work...

ty reply

I am having exatly the same problem, but then quicktime crashes too. reply


Try this :

Edit>Quicktime Preferences>Advanced>And under the category Video you 'll have to switch Safe mode (GDI only) radiobutton.

It should work ;) reply


still not working. reply


Actually, this guide is horrible. Not only does it use backwards and antiquated methodologies for installation, but it is nearly absent any real technical acuity or explanation.

Avoid at all costs, as it really doesn’t work. A real guide will be forthcoming, WITHOUT the necessity of Leopard and without the cross-site linking and spam which is used to drive ad-content and revenue generation.

Extremely lame! reply


Disabling GDI worked for me, thanks!! reply


maarten wrote:
Disabling GDI worked for me, thanks!!

Sorry, I meant switching to GDI (disabling DirectX).
I had to restart QuickTime for the changes to take effect, by the way. reply


Thanks for the info on GDI switching off. It worked as long as I closed Quicktime and restarted it. i was annoyed that updating meant that videos would no longer play. reply


I completely agree with Steph. Apple quicktime is garbage and has no support for PC users. Don’t get chumped into believing Quicktime 7 or 7 Pro will fix your problem like I did, it won’t and there is no refund for downloads. As a matter of fact it made it worse, now I can’t even watch it choppy by disabling directX excelerator. reply


or using safemode reply


Quicktime claims to give you H.264 codec with QT7 so you can watch your digital copy movies that are formatted in that codec, not true. Does not work, I can’t find any codec in my system that reveres H.264 after downloading QT7 or the costly QT7 Pro. My codec file does not list H.264 period and my movies still don’t play. I’m done patronizing Apple products, once an idiot twice a fool. reply


I had the same problem and followed the advice of somebody else who posted - i selected Quicktime from my Ad/Remove programs list, and instead of deleting clicked CHANGE and then REPAIR and in a matter of 2 seconds my world was made right. thank you genius person who found this simple solution. reply


Hello. You can refer to this thread - http://www.moviecodec.com/general/quicktime-turns-green-7939/
For this question has been posted by someone before. reply

"Edit>Quicktime Preferences>Advanced>And under the category Video you 'll have to switch Safe mode (GDI only) radiobutton.

Yeap! It’s worked for me!!! Thanks Thagy!!

After click Apply in the setting, close the Quicktime window and open it again, then Wa~~ lA~~~!!!
:) reply


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