Quicktime D 6.5.2 error -8971

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Quicktime D 6.5.2 was recently installed under Win98SE.
When trying to run a mp4 film the unknown error -8971 appeared in saying that the file could not be opened.
No information on error -8971 can be found searching all the Webb by Googgle.
I understood from the person who made this short film (6 MB) that H-264 was applied for compression.
Finaly I downloaded this file first to my computer and then tried to open it ... same error.
What causes this error ?
thanks for help. Hans reply

Are you able to open the file at all? If not it’ll be hard to diagnose. What I want to know is whether you have an mp4 file or a quicktime (mov) file. mp4 just uses mpeg-4 compression, while mov can use loads of different codecs (including mpeg-4 and h.264).
If you can open the file, click on window, show movie info and look at the format line. It’ll tell you what codec is used.

This is from old post of mine in thread 6244
“Apple’s developer site calls this [error -8971] the codecExtensionNotFoundErr (Codec extension not found error).
After pondering this a little, I did a test. I took a QuickTime file (extension .mov) and renamed it to .mp4 and tried to play it in QuickTime. I also got error -8971.
Based on that, you could try renaming your file extension to .mov to see if it works (slim chance, but worth the try)."

Finally, if the file is h.264, you can’t play it in QuickTime 6. However QuickTime 7 for Windows has a beta version available for preview if you want to try that. http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/preview/ reply


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