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last night, I downloaded my first movie. I can play it on the computer just fine, but I want to watch it on my bigger tv.
It is an Mpeg movie file. I trien a straight burn to a dvd-r disk, worked fine on computer, but was not recognised by my dvd player. So i was adviced to convert to from KVCD-Dvd with Cucusoft Vidio Converter. I installed the trail version.
When i tried on the computer, there was no sound at all. when i tried it on the dvd player, it was recognised, but crashed about 3 seconds later.

What am I doing wrong? Can anyone walk me through it?

thx reply

I think I have hit a big problem. Like I said, I used Cucusoft Vidio Converter to covert one movie to Dvd file. Now, for some reason, I can not play any AVI file movies. I can play BIN and Mpeg files tho. The movie I converted didnt work as I said, but the original still does. whats goin on?

If you can help, I would appreciate it.

thx :)

EDIT: ok, I just tried an AVI file movies again. when i tried to play with Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic or Real Player (which I have always used), BUT, they will work with VLC Media Player.
This is very odd reply

silverdragon, what program are you tring to use to burn the movie with? Cucusoft AVItoMPG is not that good. Better programs to use are Tsunami MPG DVD Easypack or TMPGEnc for a good quality conversion or for a fast conversion you would want to use WinAVIVideoConverter or ImTOO MPEG Encoder. These are all programs I have used along with several others and in my opinion are the best. Also, I wanted to know if the movies you are downloading are in an image file format of a VCD disk? If so you should use VCDgear or VCDeasy to extract the mpg file before converting. Just let me know. I burn about 5 to 6 movies a week and they are all great quality and work in all DVD players. reply


you will have to forgive me, for I am new to downloading and burning movies.
I used this to convert and burn:


The movie I was burning was SAW: Saw.2004.DVDRip-WivX.KvcdKing.mpg.

I have BIN, AVI and MPeg file movies I would like to burn to DVD-r/CD-r so I can watch on a standalone dvd player. And I have no idea what files the player will play which is why I was converting to dvd.

As for the file formats, here is a list of the movies I have downloaded except for SAW:

Stealth 2005 DVDRip kvcd Jamgood(TUS Release)
Wedding Crashers 2005 Unrated DVDRip KVCD by Hockney(TUS Release)
Blade Trinity XviD MP3 DVD-Rip.avi

I have watched a couple on the computer, but its not the same as a tv.

If you can help, i would be greatful. If you need anymore info, let me know. I could even give u my MSN if that would be quicker.

Thx :) reply

I think you should try this program call NeoDVD from here http://www.mediostream.com/ . It is a great and simple program to use. Just add your movies with the button. It will process all video formats. The bin files you have are cd/dvd image files and you will have to extract the video file or mpg from the image file or bin file before you can use them. Use VCDgear from here http://www.vcdgear.com/download.html to do so. Just one question for you, when you converted the movie did it also burn it or did you end up with a video_ts folder and then you durned that? reply


when I used that converter it gave me the option to Convert & Burn. So I did. Odd tho, when I checked later there were some Vidio files, but no Audio files.

I will download the programs you suggested in the morning, getting a bit late here, hehe

I will post the results later tomorrow.
Wish me luck

Thx :) reply

I have downloaded and installed NeoDVD 7, NeoDVD Backup and VCDgear355.
I tried Neodvd backup, but it asks for the Video_TS folder. When I download a movie, all I get is the actual movie, no other files.

EDIT: ok, I did a lot of reading and, I may be wrong, but what I need to do is this:

I have an avi movie I want to burn to cd in order to play on my standalone dvd player. To do so I must convert the avi to dvd, which should give me a Vidio_TS Folder and I think an Audio_TS Folder too.
When Converted, I use NeoDVD Backup to Burn the Video_TS folder to a cd-r or dvd-r dick. Not sure about Audio...maybe that will be added automatically.

I am determind to do this. I go away on Thursday, so I have 1 and a half days to do this starting tomorrow.
If anyone can tell me if what I said is correct, I would appreciate it, otherwise...trial and error will be the only other way :) reply

Woohoo I did it.

Used DvdSanta to convert and burn. used speed x2 and it works perfect :d reply

hi, i am trying to burn a movie from my computer to dvd, and i am getting really frustrated ! i ive downloaded the film through limewire and it is on my pc, ive tryed burning it through windows media player it burns it to disc fine but my dvd player wont play it !! ive tryed with dvd-r, dvd+r and a cd-r. but nothing is working, ive got windows visa if that helps?
Please could some one help? reply


devilsb1tch, don’t use Limewire. Have you heard about the woman who got sued for 25,000 dollars per song she downloaded? She used limewire. That program went out several years ago. If you don’t know not to use it you shouldn’t be messing with downloading movies, you’ll get a fat virus, or sued, or both. reply


"HopeICanHelp” you obviously dont know anything. i suggest you keep your mouth shut when you dont know what you talking about

PS: find a different nickname cause guess what! you didnt help anyone but confuse them! reply


i am doing a movie and also an atress with my other friends aaliyha,kyra,shakeela,shareen and xaryha so we are going to make the best movie it name THE BARBADIAN WAR reply


Its Very Rarely that someone gets sued from downloading songs and movies through limewire because of limewire pro. Limewire pro since you pay for it, part of the money from buying it goes to songwriters, artist and movies creaters therefor stopping you from getting sued. So get ur facts right HopeICanHelp! reply


MPEG file format is a compression format developed by MPEG, Moving Picture Experts Group, which was formed by the ISO to set standards for audio and video compression and transmission. Its first meeting was in May 1988 in Ottawa, Canada. MPEG’s official designation is ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29 WG11.

Read this “How to Burn MPEG to DVD (Mac&Win)" guide before burning, it will give you some directions. reply

the easiest way to burn a movie is to get the software DVDflick. It’s free and works eveytime. Just get the program and open it. Open your avi file into it and bobs your uncle. On the left side there is a button called add title thats another way to get your avi file in there to encode. Then click the button project settings and click burning on the bottom left. check the box burn to disc and eject when done, then accept. Next click the menu settings box and choose a menu then accept. Put in a blank disk and click burn dvd. It will take a few hours but works everytime. Thats all you need to know. you can click around and change other things if you like like the title and menu settings but this will work and play in your dvd player. have fun and any other questions e-mail me atkinson_rick@hotmail.com reply


I used the 4 media dvd creator for two years , it works very well. Hope it can help you to solve the issue.

Step 1: Load video files

Click “Add Video File(s)" button on the toolbar or click “File > Add Video File(s)..." option from the main menu to load the video files you want to burn.
Or click “File > Add Video Folder..." option from the main menu to choose a folder and load all the video files in this folder into the file list.
The DVD creator supports most video formats and you can burn AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, MTS, M2TS, MKV, etc. to DVD disc.

Step 2: Adjust output settings

Destination: Insert a recordable disc, and choose the disc you insert from the “Destination” drop-down list. Or choose “Save as DVD Folder” or “Save as Image (.iso)" option to back up your video files onto your hard disk as DVD folder or ISO image.

DVD Name: Enter a name in the textbox as the DVD name.

Writing Speed: According to your CPU configuration, choose an appropriate speed from the drop-down list.

Copies: Click the up and down arrows to set the number of copies you want to burn. If you set it to more than 1, the program will prompt you to insert a new recordable disc after burning a copy.

Step 3: Create DVD menu

Click “Templates” button on the menu panel, “Menu Templates” window pops up. Choose your favorite template from this window to create a menu instantly.

For further menu editing, please click “Edit” button on the menu panel to open “Menu Edit” window, in which you can change the template, add background music/picture, title and opening film to your menu.

Burn WMV to DVD

If you don’t want DVD menu, click “No menu”.

Step 4: Start creating DVD

Click “Burn” button at the right bottom of the file list to start burning.


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