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I used movavi to convert and burn a tv series to dvd so I can play it in my xbox 360 and the blu-ray player. It plays but after 5 minutes or so the picture starts to get sluggish and then it is out of sync with the voices. After a bit the picture trys to catch up with the voices by speeding up really fast till it is back to normal. This continues through the whole dvd. What gives? What am I doing wrong? Burn speed I tried at 4x then 8x. reply


1) Only burn DVDs at 1/2 the maximum speed.
2) Check the video on your PC for playback issues.
3) If it’s not the video, it’s the re-encoder.
4) You can try a few other encoders that might help;

Super: This does a great job of converting videos for my Ipod, and re-encoding to other systems I use.

ConvertX to DVD will assist you in converting video files to a real DVD for any DVD player....It’s not free, unless you’re a “pirate” reply


Thanks...ConvertX to DVD works. One other question...I have a tv series that I want to put several episodes onto one disk. It only fit two episodes onto one disk with Movavi. Not sure yet how many will fit with this new program. Do I need to shrink the files? reply


Thanks again...everything works great! reply


Don’t try to convert via movavi and then use CovnertXtoDVD as it may cause playback issues.

ConvertXtoDVD can do it just fine.

You can use more than one episode with it, and it will allow you to choose a menu type as well.

Your Welcome.

Also, if you have subtitles in .srt or any other format that aren’t hardcoded onto the movie itself, you can add them into the DVD as well.
Just make sure you set them as default. reply


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