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I have downloaded films from a site that I pay money for . The problem is now I have downloaded the films they were winrar films so I extracted them using winrar leaving me with one large bin file and cue I want to now try and burn them onto a DVD but Nero 6 won’t pick them up.

Can anyone help me in burning these files onto a DVD.

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Hello, you must take only the ceu file in nero express, and nero will do the rest.

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I have tried and it seems that Nero will only allow this and burn onto a CD-RW not a DVD+.

I want to burn these files onto a blank DVD+ disc that I have and it will not allow me through Nero to do this only on CD-RW.

Do you know of anthing else that will work ?

Many Thanks for your help so far.



Hi there again, you can download a vitual drive
like vitual daemon manager,search by google/than you can (without burning)watch the movie,you can olso download a bin2iso.exe prog. put only the bin in and save it in the same map,sometimes its a winrar file(do you have that prog.winrar?)while rar is starting you can see what is in the rar.file/than unzip these(olso in the same folder)after this you can try nero this will accept(drag and drop these file)
Bin2iso you can find here



The site should really state what sort of files they are and all procedures for burning the files. For now you can try viewing the .bin file using VideoLAN (

It looks like the .bin file is an image of a VCD or SVCD. In that case you could extract the file(s) from the .bin, then manipulate the resulting MPEG file(s) (beit MPEG2 (SVCD) or MPEG1 (VCD)). There are a few programs that can extract it, one is VCDGear ( ,

After that you *may* be able to use the DVD burning software, which came with your DVD burner, to convert the MPEG file(s) to fully DVD compliant MPEG2/VOB etc (if you browse a typical retail DVD you can see these types of files).

Then again you could try using SVCD2DVD ( This is assuming the files ARE compliant S/VCD’s to begin with. reply


Hi coccrispys, Brilliant recrod and presentation IMHO, It will be extremely helpful to me, and I thank you for taking the time to being kind enough to share with us all. As for your speaking too slow or too quick, I would say if your not vacant into public speaking at a podium for a career you get an A+ in my book,bravo! Have a fantastic Summer friend!!!! reply


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