Problem burning a DVD-RW disk

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I am trying to record from a camcorder onto an LG DR4810 DVD Recorder, but the DVD-RW disk doesn’t play on other DVD players. The steps I went through were:

1. I connect the camcorder to the LG’s digital input (IEEE 1394 connector).
2. I insert the video tape into the camcorder and rewind it to the beginning.
3. I insert a blank DVD-RW disk into the recorder and format it when prompted.
4. I press PLAY on the camcorder and straight away press RECORD on the recorder.
5. The footage appears on my TV as it is playing/recording as I have linked the recorder to my TV so that I can check it is running OK.
6. After an hour of recording, I play the DVD-RW disk in the recorder and it plays perfectly on TV.
7. I put the DVD-RW disk in 2 other DVD players and get a “NO DISK” error on both.
8. I put the DVD-RW disk in my PC’s DVD drive and can see a couple of files on the DVD, one of which has a file extension of VRO, but the DVD-RW won’t play. However, when I change the VRO extension to MPG, I can view the file (although the quality doesn’t seem to be too good).

It is driving me mad, and I’m running out of hair - can anyone help me ???

Many thanks,
Tim. reply

Most DVD players won’t play the burned CD or DVD... it happens mostly with the the cheap quality DVD players... i had the same problem and just couldn’t fix it... and 'bout the quality, u can adjust the quality setting in option menu... reply


2 timcclayton...
Not all dvd players play dvd-rw..either in -/+ 4mats. Only a rarely few of makes brands like Philips,LG n Mustek.(The last mention play almost everything) If U have dvd-ram disc,only Panasonis n JVC could played them. reply


Thanks for the replies guys. I have tried a DVD-R instead of DVD-RW this morning but get the same problem. Does this mean that I will not be able to convert VHS to DVD at all then? I have a number of VHS tapes that I want to convert - will I have to send them to a professional converter rather than try to do them myself?

Thanks again for the help,
Tim. reply

Did you for get to finalize the disc? DVD players will not play it unless you finalized the disc after recording. Good luck! reply


A little know how lets you convert your home videos to DVD and get the quality
you want. An article by Bob Hudson. reply


You need to finalise the disk before you will be able to play in in other dvd machines. You should be able to do this via the disk menu. we had the same thing with ours until we figured out what to do, now disks play in every other dvd player, pc etc reply


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