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Just tried it again-Coolbeans still works ok. reply



But still the question: HOw to convert a nsv file?
I tried this method: http://www.hollmen.dk/articles/nsvtoavi.htm

But the avi file isn’t readable by any software. reply


Here we go: It’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind...


Used Programms:
Cool Beans (http://www.scvi.net/download/download.php?coolbeans_10_b.zip)
NSV Demuxer (http://www.scvi.net/download/download.php?nsv_demux.zip)
VP50 Codec (Use vp5vfw.dll in ftp://ftp.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/releases/codecs/windows-essential-20050412.zip)
VP6 Codec (http://www.on2.com/cms-data/downloads/vp6_decoder.exe)
VP7 Codec (http://www.on2.com/cms-data/downloads/on2_vp7_personal_edition.exe)
K-Lite Codec Pack
Matroska Pack (Audio Codec)


Download and install all programms. Use the following file to install vp5vfw.dll (AOLMusic NSV Video Format)
PLease reboot after installation...

; Start File vp5vfw.inf
; Vp5vfw install // this is meant for vp32




VP50 = 1:vp5vfw.dll, “VIDC.VP50”, “Description”,,,



DelReg = vp5vfw.DelReg
DelFiles = vp5vfw.CopyFile,vp5vfw.CopyInf
UpdateInis = =vp5vfw.UpdateIni

DelReg = vp5vfw.DelReg
DelFiles = vp5vfw.CopyFile,vp5vfw.CopyInf,vp5vfw.DelPnf





; End File vp5vfw.inf


Convert NSV to MEPG:
1. Get a NSV (Nullsoft Video format) file. This file will be converted to the AVI or MPEG format.
e.g. Coolbeans.exe http://nsv.stream.aol.com/uvox?cachefile=/aol/us/aolmusic/networklive/2005/bonjovi/bonjovi_haveaniceday_nlive_700.nsv
You can also try bonjovi_fullconcert_nlive_700.nsv ;-)

2. Use “NSV Demuxer” to demux the file. Use the following syntax:
NSVD.exe -n bonjovi_fullconcert_nlive_700.nsv -a video.avi -w audio.ext

3. Open AVI-Mux GUI. Drag and drop the video (“video.avi”), into the AVI-Mux interface. Within AVI-Mux, select the AVI file, and click “generate data source from files”. Then click save, and choose a name for your AVI-file (e.g. BonJovi.avi). When the program has finished processing, close it.

4. Open AVI-Mux GUI. Drag and drop the audio files (“audio.ext”), into the AVI-Mux interface. Then click save, and choose a name for your MKA-file (e.g. BonJovi.mka). When the program has finished processing, close it.

5. OPen TMPGenc. Choose 'BonJovi.avi' as video source and 'BonJovi.mka' as audio source. Choose BonJovi.mpg output file name and press START.

6. Done. Test your video file.




Thx for your reply, just one question:

what do you mean with the vp5vfw.dll ? I copied and pasted the code your wrote down and created a vp5vfw.inf and a vp5vfw.dll file, but double-click on it doesnt activate it.

So how do I install the file for the aolmusic nsv video format? reply



So, I installed everything (not the file I explained above), got an avi and an mka file, but Tmpeg says the avi-file is unsupported (have version 2.5).
What’s wrong with the avi-file? reply


this, however, does not work with just audio. I’ve been trying to download the audio from this link:


I did as suggested, adding not only _dl.mov or but also the real media extension, but those did not work either.

So what is should I add to the following:


Or is there another way?

Posted by MPB (Guest)

AOL Downloading

1.Play the video in AOL Media Player (it will pop up when you click on the video)
2.Right click near the video playing and select 'view source'.
3.The notepad window that will appear should say 'video.index'. If it doesn’t, repeat step 2.
4.hit control(ctrl)and f. then type into the box “fugu”. Don’t ask, it just works.
5.Keep on hitting find next until you get to the last 'fugu'.
6.This is the hard part so follow these instructions exactly
7. For example I will take this bit of code:


You see the highlighted bit? That’s the address you need. Copy from where it starts (/aol) to just before the semi-colon

8.Next, add an underscore (_) to the end of the code you copied, then type “dl.mov” without the quotes.
9.Finally, copy all of the code you have left, so it looks like this:
10.Then just before the "/aol” part, add this little address:


so you end up with:


There you go! And if you don’t understand, just ask reply


Barbra Streisand ... NO WAY ... Let’s rock 'n' roll !!!

Used Software:
Winamp Output-Plugin (http://out-lame.sourceforge.net/)


Download and install winamp plugin.


1. Use the following link: C:/coolbeans http://nsv.stream.aol.com/uvox?cachefile=/aol/us/aolmusic/artists/universal/bonjovi/bonjovi_haveaniceday_lp_64.nsa
(Extension: _64.nsa)

FYI: The *.nsa files use Dolby AAC format (also called VLB). I don’t know any source where we can donlaod this audio codec... But Winamp can play those files!!!

2. Open Winamp and activate output plugin:
Press CTRL+P -> Output -> Plugin
Select 'LAME MP3 Writer plug-in'
Press 'Configure' to select output folder

4. Play NSA-File. The MP3 output will be stored
in the output folder. (Please wait...)

5. Deactiate output plugin
Press CTRL+P -> Output -> Plugin
Select 'DirectSound output'

6. Done

Have a nice day! IM-MING reply



Track 01:
C:/coolbeans http://nsv.stream.aol.com/uvox?cachefile=/aol/us/aolmusic/artists/universal/bonjovi/bonjovi_haveaniceday_lp_01_64.nsa

Track 02:
C:/coolbeans http://nsv.stream.aol.com/uvox?cachefile=/aol/us/aolmusic/artists/universal/bonjovi/bonjovi_haveaniceday_lp_01_64.nsa

=> Extension: NR_64.nsa reply



Track 01:
C:/coolbeans http://nsv.stream.aol.com/uvox?cachefile=/aol/us/aolmusic/artists/universal/bonjovi/bonjovi_haveaniceday_lp_01_64.nsa

Track 02:
C:/coolbeans http://nsv.stream.aol.com/uvox?cachefile=/aol/us/aolmusic/artists/universal/bonjovi/bonjovi_haveaniceday_lp_02_64.nsa

=> Extension: NR_64.nsa reply



The video codec from AOLMusic is VP50. Currently you can download this video codec at ftp://ftp.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/releases/codecs/windows-essential-20050412.zip Please unzip vp5vfw.dll into one of your folders (e.g. C:\). Create a text file called vp5vfw.inf in the same folder. Copy the lines from my previous instruction into the file vp5vfw.inf:

; Start File vp5vfw.inf
; End File vp5vfw.inf

Click on the file vp5vfw.inf; Click the right mouse button; Press INSTALL => Installation starts... Please reboot after the installation is over !!! reply


Wow, IM-MING, you’ve done a lot of groundwork here! [On a sub-note, how did the news about CoolBeans spread so fast? I’m worried AOL will take action now that everybody on the Internet knows their media has been compromised.]

Anyway, thanks for posting the info to help us out with the conversion process! I’m eager to try your technique. reply


WOHOWWW... The Coolbeans Solution works !

I can Download

and play it back offline.

I could throw together a GUI or Script for it, to batchdownload NSV Files. From URL`s in a List.

greets reply


So here it is,

NSV Loader V.0.1

A Batch Downloading Frontend for CoolBeans
You only have to add a bunch of URL`s
to a textfile and then doubleklick on a Icon.
It will automaticly download all the NSV Files
in the list.

(Documentation inside)

In the next version I will try to add a encoder
(if i find one) that can convert NSV to MPEG or AVI. Maybe I will even code a GUI.

I wrote this for my own use, so its not very comfortable.

Have fun:
www.wodka-fabrik.org/home/tscherno/nsvloader/nsvloader01.rar reply


Hi Tscherno,

Welcome back! I haven’t seen you here since July. Pretty awesome tool, huh? Thanks for the scripts... I’ll check them out later.

Steve reply


Is aol still releasing streams in .nsv format? The reason I ask is because the Greenday concert only appears to be in .wmv format not .nsv so coolbeans doesn’t work reply


Hi Melonboy,

Umm... really? I thought AOL only used NSV, RM, and QT. If the concert is in WMV format why don’t you just use HiDownload or something? Lots of software supports WMV downloading, usually the mms:// protocol if I’m not mistaken. reply


Is it possible to convert NSV to WMV? Im trying to burn a video I downloaded but I cant open it up in Windows Movie Maker. reply


was hoping if you could help me.. how can i go about dling this file to my hd this is the source info any help would be appreciated

FUGU.pid = “DL”;
FUGU.country = “US”;
FUGU.locale = “US”;
FUGU.company = “AOL”;
FUGU.version = “1.0”;
FUGU.brand = “AOL”;
FUGU.length = “286”;
FUGU.showads = “1”;
FUGU.skin = “grey”;
FUGU.speed = “500”;
FUGU.pmmsid = “1376331”;
FUGU.restarturl = “http://us.video.aol.com/video.index.adp?mode=1&pmmsid=1376331&referer=http%3A//search.aol.com/aolcom/video”;
FUGU.assetInfo = {
franchise: “LATINO: Videos”,
surfacePoint: 'us.aol.search.video_video'
FUGU.cpid = “pmmsid:1376331”;
FUGU.PlayVideoLarge("/aol/us/aolmusic/artists/premiumlatinmusic/aventura/aventura_unbeso_hvjchgv;sbr:700,460,320,120,28.wmv”, [ “Aventura”, “God\'s Project”, "\'Un beso\'" ], “grey”);


Well, my issue is SLIGHTLY different. Ive so far captured over 1000 Jpop videos (my 8yr old daughter oves to wathc them) and they play fine in winamp so the files themselves are NOT broken. However, Id like to re-encode them into something a bit more portable, but after a week of reading hours of forums and trying endless command line tools like mencoder and such, its just not working. I even have Procoder (I do video work for a living) which is supposed to be capable of reading any file that has a directshow coded (on2 provides a playback only directshow codec) and Procoder says it cant decode the streams. Im at a loss here, and what makes it worse is the two copies Ive found of NSVdemux BOTH had trojans installed in them, leading me to a reluctance to use any more files posted on video forums. =8P

Any suggestions? As best as I can tell, these are encoded in VP62 format, so IM working a bit more advanced thay you folks trying to hack out vP5 stuff from AOL. reply


What add to '/aol/us/aolmusic/musicpartner/sony/c_c_music_factory__freedom_williams/C=
6,306,113,25' they would can play stream reply


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