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I’m trying out your program. I’ll report back with results. Thanks for posting! :-)


Streambox VCR will not download the AOL videos any better than HiDownload or other download tools will. Thanks for the link anyway...


Not sure if the problem is really solved yet. We need positive confirmation that the CoolBeans program actually works. reply


CoolBeans works great, nice work Frameserve! reply



Congratulations, you’ve done it! CoolBeans works excellently. Nice job setting the User Agent and everything... brilliant work! Thank you for solving the problem that I’ve been working on for months!

Now everyone, please don’t abuse this tool and force AOL to implement new security measures. AOL has really been nice by providing so much content for free... let’s not spoil the party by downloading things left and right. All it takes is one little change to their system, and AOL can lock us all out.

Again, thanks FrameServe! And thanks too to everyone who contributed to this forum. Ah, the sweet smell of success... however short-lived it may be! :-)

P.S. Be sure to check back on this forum in case AOL makes changes to the Ultravox system. reply


I made a revision to the program(new version 1.0b).

I read on another forum that a cvs mplayer build now supports Ultravox streams with unsv:// paths. Soon many more programs will support this protocol. reply


Thanks FrameServe for the new version! I downloaded it from scvi.net.

I think it’s very cool that AOL has opened the Ultravox protocol as a free standard, and that players such as MPlayer are integrating the new functionality. reply


I’m having a problem runing the coolbeans program, when I run the program it starts up and them kinds of shutsdown right away, does anyone know a solution to my problem? reply



I think I can guess what your problem is. :-) You’re probably trying to double-click the program from Windows, expecting a GUI (graphical user interface) to come up. Sorry, no GUI for this utility. It is a command line program.

What this means is you must open up a command prompt window and run the utility by typing in the command. Click on the Start button, then Run, and type “cmd” (without the quotes, of course).

Now type “cd c:\\program files\\coolbeans1b” or whatever the name of the folder is where the CoolBeans utility is.

Finally, type “CoolBeans http://www.somewhere.com/whereeverthevideois/awesomevideo.nsv”, substituting whatever the http link is.

That’s it... Good luck! reply


Ok Thank you guys, the method works!

I could downloaded the following video(with streambox)

Now my question is... Is there any way to record the stream “on the fly”? I mean in real time?

PS Good Job Guys! reply



Thanks for reading the forum! I’m glad you experienced success with the MOV method.

To answer your question, I’m not sure what you mean by real-time. When you download the MOV, is it faster or slower than it is to watch it?

Perhaps you are wondering how to watch a video and simultaneously record it? I don’t think this is possible without opening multiple connections to the AOL server, thereby doubling the bandwidth requirements. Can you provide some more information so I can understand the question better? reply


thanks Steve, I really appreciate your help. reply


I followed your instructions steve, but after I get into the directory and type the “coolbeans http:..." it says it doesn’t recognize coolbeans as a command, did I forget to do something? Thanks in advance for all the help. reply



Well, at least you’re off to a good start... you’ve obviously got a cmd window open so you can type commands and see the responses. Since it says it doesn’t recognize coolbeans as a command, my guess is that you are not in the correct folder. You have to change to the folder where the CoolBeans.exe file is before you can use it. The way to change folders is with the “cd” command.

For example, if your CoolBeans.exe is located in the “My Documents” folder, and your username on the computer is “John Doe”, then you would have to type (in this case, with the quote marks):

cd “c:\\Documents and Settings\\John Doe\\My Documents”
CoolBeans http://nsvod-prod-mods-rtr.stream.aol.com/uvox?cachefile=/aol/us/aolmusic/artists/sony/aerosmith/aerosmith_justpushplay_350.nsv

It might be easier for you if you copy CoolBeans.exe to the root folder of the c: drive. (Do you understand my terminology, root folder? I’m not trying to confuse you, I just don’t know how to say it differently.) If you copy CoolBeans.exe to the c:\\ folder, then your commands would look like this:

cd c:\\
CoolBeans http://nsvod-prod-mods-rtr.stream.aol.com/uvox?cachefile=/aol/us/aolmusic/artists/sony/aerosmith/aerosmith_justpushplay_350.nsv

Does that help any? Good luck! :-)
-Steve reply


Thanks Steve! Got it to work, sorry about the hassel, I’m not as computer savy as most people. Thanks for the help! reply


Thank you Steve,

Well when i downloaded http://progressive.stream.aol.com/aol/us/aolmusic/specials/2005/live8/berlin/berlin_034_chrisdeburgh_theladyinred_dl.mov with streambox it took me what a 59Mb file takes to download (fortunately i just changed my Inter speed to 512kb/s)n i downloaded a couple of more. but when opening some of them with quicktime it displays the error:
“You may experience problems playing a video track in"In My Place'(LIVE8)(for example)" because there is an error in the program. would you like to close the movie or continue?
then if i click continue it just plays as normal.
But the problem is when try to convert the file(im using 4U AVI Mpeg converter)(by the way quicktime 6.5.2 doesn’t allow saving) i get the error:

“File can not be opened, may be there is something wrong with the source file!"

Any Workaround? or any other converter that works with these downloads? reply



I tried to download coolbeans from http://www.scvi.net/download/download.php?coolbeans_10_b.zip
but I couldn’t. I recived this: “This file has benn leeched” What’s wrong?
Thanks in advance
Fussel reply


i’ve tested alot of the stuff in here, but no matter what app. i use, i can’t download this one:

could somebody out there help??

HKP reply


Ups.. if you guys have problems, it’s this video:

http://mp.aol.com/video.index.adp?pmmsid=1369510&referer=http%3A//music.channel.aol.com/artist/main.adp%3Ftab%3Dmain%26artistid%3D3943%26albumid%3D0&_AOLFORM=w708.h344.p7.R10 reply


(HKP: I tried to dl that video but didn’t work for me neither :-(, it might b in other format or link)

Anyway i’v had success downloading some videos like: http://progressive.stream.aol.com/aol/us/aolmusic/specials/2005/live8/london/london_013_dido_whiteflag_dl.mov
And was able to convert them into mpeg-2 with “tmpegenc”(with the respective quicktime plugin) program, but there’s still a problem... the converted videos have no sound!
Anyone that had success with that? Please Help!

PS: I get the url with “project URL snooper” n use streambox to download once i edited it. reply


hmm.. this one i could download just fine:


sound is ok, but the picture jumps. reply



scvi.net does not allow download managers. You will will have to download it from your browser by left-clicking. You can also download CoolBeans from this address:

http://rapidshare.de/files/4575192/coolbeans_10_b.zip.html reply


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