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Is there any way to rip NSV streaming media. I found a way to Dl it, but when i get the file, it doesnt play right. Does anyone know what is going on? Or better yet, how i can fix it? reply


i use streamripper, but it only works on streams, not URLs with path info.
then you have to rename the saved files from mp3 to nsv
http://streamripper.sourceforge.net/sr32/ reply


Well.. Im trying to save streaming video. I hope that Stream Ripper will export streaming video. I guess i will have to get it and find out. Thanx for the suggestion.

Vespian reply


I’m still waiting for a solution to this problem. Stream Ripper does not support the UltraVox streaming protocol yet (which is what AOL uses). Winamp will play the streams, but won’t download them.

I have tried the following angles of approach, with little success:
1. Download the RM or QT version instead. I guess this is OK, but they’re lower quality and sometimes have skips. I really want the high-quality NSV.
2. Fix the broken NSV. I can’t figure out how to do this. All the data seems to be there, but the header is messed up to force it to play at like 1000 fps.
3. Use screen capture software to capture as an AVI. Yuck. I always drop a bunch of frames when I try to do this, which is very noticeable in an otherwise smooth 30 fps video. My computer is decently fast too... 2.4 GHz with 512 MB RAM and a 40 MB/sec Seagate hard drive. Besides, even if I could capture without losing frames, this technique depends on having a perfect connection to the Internet. A little burp at 700 kbps, and you might as well restart... unless you feel like editing out the mistake in VirtualDub.
4. Find a video diskwriter plugin for Winamp. As much as I would love this, I can’t find one. You know how Winamp has a built-in audio diskwriter? ... Well, why isn’t there one for video?
5. Find newer software that supports the UVOX:// protocol. Unfortunately, this generation of software is not out yet. I feel fairly certain that somebody will implement it sooner or later. I just don’t like waiting.

Ideas, anyone? reply



hi i did downloaded nsv file with DAP with changing unsv:// to http:// and then download is get sucessful but i cannot play it i plays very fast
have any idea to that reply


See... that’s exactly the problem. AOL has messed with the file format so that it will only play from the server. If you download the file, it is somehow corrupted. I’m studying the file format right now (http://www.stud.ktu.lt/~vitslav/nsv/txt/nsv-format.txt) to see if I can figure out what AOL did. reply



I just googled here
and googled this one too:


perhaps it can help


Guest333 reply



Oh i am sorry now i see the picture

no offense meant -
i hope none taken :)

so i guess i am standing at the same point

Hope someone finds the lucky loophole :)

Your humble,
Guest333 reply


recently I wanted to record a nsv stream, because it wouldn’t work with streamripper, I copied the link in streambox, and it started recording right away, afterwards I played the NSV file with winamp and everything played fine, so USE streambox, not streamripper... reply


Hi can you send me a full link where i can d/w this tool
Can you listen sound also?? reply


Well, I hope U’re not from US!

Here is a link:(I hope it works, otherwise use google...)

Note! This program is no longer supported by the author. Streambox had legal difficulties with RealNetworks Inc. and therefor this program is illegal to use in the United States -- U.S. users should not download this program!. reply


i have an error reply


When i tried stream box with winamp online videos.
it not capture the url
how to caputure video’s urls in streambox reply


I’m going answer these one at a time.

** Guest333, Thanks for the thought. It’s nice to see some interest in solving the problem.

** WebWebberWebst, Since I’m willing to try almost anything, I tried Streambox VCR. It didn’t work. It downloaded the file, but it was corrupt as usual.

Try for yourself:

If you paste the link into Winamp, it plays happily. If you download it, it’s broken.

** taboosuper, I’m not sure what the problem is. Perhaps you tried to download a video starting with usnv:// instead of http://. Neither Streamripper nor Streambox VCR support the unsv:// protocol.

** Abhay, Capturing URLs is a whole different issue. Find the URL for a video can be very simply or extremely complex. It just depends on the way the server is set up. You may be able to find the URL in the HTML source code somewhere, or you might have to resort to a packet sniffing tool.

Streambox VCR is a very old piece of software, and it was not really designed to intercept anything other than RM or ASF links. reply


Thanks for reply Steve
in the reply to [{WebWebberWebst}
........If you paste the link into Winamp, it plays happily. If you download it, it’s broken....
you had already solved my probs as i also did same thing and same result i got means it played but with in 1-2 sec it played file of 9 MB
i shows some video but unstable.
Any other software to decrease frame/Sec rate then i think we can get sucess to see video on the d/w file reply


Hi Steve, I did what you said, and tried that nsv stream you posted, and you’re right, the file does not play correctly.. But then not all nsv streams are like this one, because for the few others streams(in nsv) I ever recorded, I had no such probs. I thought I could help you guys. I hope you find a way to solve the prob. If you do, please post it here.. Grtz WebWebberWebst reply


Well, im glad to see taht someone has taken in interest in my problem. Steve, you really know what your talking about.. i couldnt have said it better myself. I know they screwed with the vids so they can only be streamed.. i just have no clue as to how they did it. I do have a thought however.. if someone were to take the time to look through the programming of winamp, it may hold the key.. i dont have the knowledge, or the skills to decompile a complex program, let alone search through its massive piles of code.. but if someone out there wants to.. lol.. go right ahead.. Hope you are able to find an answer.. good luck. reply


** Abhay

The NSV format is relatively new and unsupported by anything except Winamp. This makes the files especially difficult to work with... you can’t just edit the frame rate. :-( The only NSV tools I can find are casual & buggy hacks by curious programmers. The best attempt I’ve seen yet at reverse-engineering the NSV format is the NSV decode filter in the ffmpeg project. A lot of new open-source media players use the ffmpeg kernel (VLC, MPlayer, etc). However, the decoder doesn’t work on broken NSVs, and the ffmpeg project is on the verge of being shut down due to patent infringement (http://ffmpeg.sourceforge.net/). Legal issues could definitely be a hinderance to software that tries to support the NSV format.

** WebWebberWebst

I’m glad you’ve had success with other NSV streams. Indeed, it is good thing that they don’t all have AOL’s proprietary new anti-downloading measure.

** Vespian

You gave me an interesting idea that hadn’t thought of before. I went searching on Winamp’s site, but I couldn’t find any source code. I don’t think it is open-source, especially now that AOL owns Nullsoft. Without the source code, reverse-engineering Winamp would be extremely difficult... far beyond my skill level. (Even with the source code I’m not sure I could do it.)

Out of curiosity, I downloaded the Winamp SDK for plugins. It might be possible to create a General plugin for Winamp that intercepts the video output and writes it to a file. However, my first impression from the SDK is that there is only support for twiddling with the audio, not the video. Even if there is a way to write a plugin that modifies Winamp’s video output, I would need a lot more experience in C programming first. reply


Yeah, i know its way beyond my skill level. I dont expect anyone to do anything about it, but it is an interesting idea. if only i knew someone that had expertise in the programming of winamp plugins... im sure there is a way to capture anything that is played... Nothing is unhackable (with the right knowledge).. reply


I got one idea(i don’t know it’s worthfull or not)!!!
nsv file only works on if it comes on internet streams is’t it??
We can download file but playing is probs!!!!
Now using IIS server or putting in some web server which can do as psudo internet streams then i think we can get as we are getting Online (internet winamp site videos).
Any Idea i tried but i think more setting needed to be done. reply


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