No video in 'saved to computer' movie

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I have been working with movie maker for years now and have never come across this problem before. When i put my film together, the audio and the video work just fine together, but when i go to save it to my computer and open the file, the audio plays at the start but there is no video.

I must clarify that i downloaded the video off of an introduction maker site.

At first i thought this was the problem, but when i filmed the introduction video with my camera than put the camera file into movie maker, again it works just fine in the timeline but as soon as 'Save to computer, the intro video does not show, it only plays the sound.

I am very confused as there is no possible explanation i can think of that shall allow this to happen?

PS: When i save the downloaded file on its on (without any of the other clips or titles) it plays just fine when I save it to my computer?

An answer to this will be loved and appreciated! reply

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