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This is a quick thank-you to TopsyTurvy and labish, and any others who may have pondered my dilemma.
To refresh your memories, here is my post from a week ago:

A couple months ago my DVD player quit displaying red, which made for some interesting movie playbacks! WindowsXP and its applications show red blue & green O.K., so I assumed it was the DVD player, which I took as an opprtunity to replace it with a DVD Burner.
But, same problem. It’s not caused by the DVD player software, as I get the same results
from PowerDVD and Windows Media Player. Hmmm... only other piece of the puzzle was the
IDE cable from the DVD to the mainboard; replaced that, still no reds!
Sherlock 2.0 says all my codecs are good -- anybody got a clue?
( end )

This was not a hardware or software problem, but a self-inflicted wound. The solution is something you might want to keep in your bag of tricks.
I found the answer after much digging thru the Video Codecs forum:
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Colors no right when viewing videos in Windows Media ...
22 Apr 2005 12:57 pm
Posted by MoTTo (Guest)

If I click on an .avi, or .mpg, I can see the video, but with the color screwed, If I click on a .mov file, It would look OK,

How could I reset the codecs, and/or color presets??? or wht can I do to fix this???

running WinXP all updated, WMP v.10, 512M Ram PIV 2.33Ghz


22 Apr 2005 07:01 pm
Posted by MoTTo (Guest)

Ahaaaaa!!!! I got it solved!!!

Open any Video clip with the Distortion, then ...

Go to Display Properties/Settings/Advanced/

and then you should have a Folder = “S3Overlay”, I do not know if its the same for everyone, so click on “Default”, and then “APPLY” That it !!!

You should have it running fine by then.

Hope it helps someone else !!! reply

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