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Im here to ask for help. The problem is that everyday it appears to be a new codec or file extention or any other crap that to play u have to look for new codecs or player that are all installed in my cpu eventually leading to instability and a formating afternoon. I would like to know from u guys who seams to know about the subject what should i install in my cpu to play most of the videos arround.
I downloaded the latest pride fc in .ogm it would work with all the codecs so i got vlc that menaged to stratch it horisontally, now i got some .rm south park files that i will look for how to play. Its quite frustrating since next week nothing i installed will work anymore and the worst is that the new formats are in my point of view as efficient as the old ones....

Sir Inverno reply


This is purely my subjective opinion and others may feel differently about the topic. I think nowadays you can safely install most codecs and filters without fear of too much instability. I would however stay away from codec packs. They have their use when they contain a codec you can’t find anywhere else or if you’re short on time to search for codecs individually, but the people who bundle them together usually have little time or hardware to test for compatibility across a large range of hardware. Also steer away from programs that offer spyware or adware, or that contain useless bells and whistles (good example is real player 10, with a web browser, cd ripper/burner, and lord-knows-what)

Here’s a list to you started:
windows media player 6.4, divx 5 (free one), divx 3.11, xvid, microsoft wmv and mpeg-4 codecs, indeo, real alternative, quicktime alternative, media player classic, videolan
a lot of people rave about ffdshow but i haven’t had a chance to test it out, and for matroska and ogm containers I don’t know what’s used either.

and keep gspot, avicodec, or videotoolbox handy, just in case you should stumble into an exotic codec someday.

Now for the links...
Windows Media Player 6.4:
divx 5:
divx 3:
Microsoft codecs: (second 'download now' button)
quicktime alternative and real alternative: (scroll down some)
media player classic:

and if you have spare time grab these two
directx (for mjpeg support):


.rm files are played with real player
real player v8 is better then realone v10 (less spyware, like anonymous said)


The free version of DivX 5.xx contains spyware, so I recommend either buying it or using FFDShow.

For playback of everything I commonly wanna watch I use:

WMV codecs: (as previously posted)

FFDShow (directshow filter): (ffdshow-20040718.exe)

If I really need to watch RealVideo 9/10 stuff I use Real Alternative:

Media Players I use to preview downloads are (ffmpeg/directshow players):
VideoLAN ( or MPlayer Win32-beta ( reply



Thanks all for help. reply


Can I use bs player insted of media player?
I find bs with a better interface not to mention it consumes less cpu.
What u guys think about vlc player? reply


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