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BS Jay - I sent you an email, can you send the instructions? reply


UK Photogr­apher you are a cyber punk if you use such
crappage in which case your digits are destined for my
jar of formalin.

Photographers could just send screen res clear JPEGs on an
ISO CD and you order print from their print res EXIFs.

If you encourage users to run such malware on computers
then you certainly should not be able to profit from such activity. No sympathy and may your debts be assigned. reply


A Photographer wrote:
If you cheap Pricks keep stealing from the photographers You are going to see us start to charge big up front fees with no prints just the shoot. Sitting fee for a high school kid will be $400.00 U.S. Wedding $4000.00 up front! We photographers have always got the shit end of the stick from our clients. Spend half a day shooting a high school senior and we charge only a token sitting fee of say $25.00 bucks hoping we will sell a few prints to make enough money to feed the kids and pay the rent. Who the works for half a day anymore to only get paid $25.00.
And have the studio overhead as well.
You Assholes will start seeing big up front camera fees very soon matter of a fact it is now starting to happen now. Fuck you all. Thieves!

Our photog charged that much up front too, so nothing new....AND he didnt take all the pictures we asked him to! but he sure got his $$$ up front so shut the fuck up you pussy. You photographers are the fucking thieves you hypocritical fudgepacker. reply


jpeg recovery pro 3 reply


I paid $2500 to get the pictures taken... and now the not-so-nice photographer won’t decrypt them unless I fork out another fee per-picture. So... all you photographers who take offense to such actions... how about this: KISS MY @SS reply


BS JAY or anyone else that knows that method could you please email me more details on how to do it. Email: reply


I have just been told by my Photographer that the 1.2K I paid upfront was just for the picture taking session and the CD from Flipalbum. I need to pay $5 dollars each for any 4x6 pics I want printed!It is really insane! Can anyone help me print at home from Flipalbum? reply


Photographers make their money from prints. It is very fortunate that you even got a disc to view the pictures. The disc is just like the old 4 x 6 proofs you used to get with film cameras. Flipalbum is used to show you the proofs to select prints.
Granted, you should know, up front, what your fees are. I make sure everyone knows what my up front fee is (very reasonable) and what the prints will cost. Also, most photographers reduce the resolution on flip album for convenience in viewing (speed) as well as to prevent the pictures being taken without paying for them. I put my logo across the picture, also.
I know it is frustrating when you want your wedding pictures and have, already, paid a fortune. It is, also upsetting that they did not tell y6ou anything up front.
Everyone doesn’t have the same professional ethics. reply


Flip Album, also, allows 2 other decrypting methods. They can set the CD to expire at a certain date or they can password protect the CD.

This is a major issue and I see both sides. reply


Thank you Guest9!!! After paying my photographer over $10,000, I found out he didn’t take pictures of my cocktail hour! He was paid all of that money to photograph the “event”. reply


This is one great software if nobody has been able to crack these darn jpegs yet. FYI I e-mailed the guy who allegedly claimed to have cracked the software and his solution was the same as the other dude here, ie: changing the headers with a hex editor. That does NOT work !!! reply


Do you really turn over thousands of dollars and not know what you are getting for your money? I guarantee you that if you had taken the time to meet with and ask your photographer what to expect, you would have known this information up front. If you enter into this type of business agreement without a signed contract, boohoo for you!

The majority of photographers are out there trying to make a living and require larger fees for their images because they put years into their training, hours or days into creating your images and hours on every individual image to get the best color, clarity, retouching, etc.

You get what you pay for and if you want “snapshots” for pennies, give a camera to uncle joe and have scrapbook pics that you will not care if it stays in a drawer. If you want profesional portraits, make a substantial investment and have an heirloom that you can pass down to your children and grandchildren! reply


Wow, I am so glad I found this thread. I am a photographer. This flip program was a wonderful tool, I thought. Now it will only be used when my client purchases the reprint rights of their session.

I work very hard for the time spent with each session- high school seniors, family, newborns and weddings. It is very discouraging when I “see” what my clients are doing- taking the images I have worked hard for and copying them. If I messed up no doubt, would have been sued by them (weddings).

The prints the “regular guy” uses and the professional lab I use, there is a difference. Plus the camera I use is most likely a higher quality. So I must make sure I have enough return on my margins to pay the insurance, camera, lens (my lens actually cost more than my camera)the gas to get to the location and yah de dah other things.

This thread has given me insight to pricing a different view. If I charge up front, then no problem. We are all happy! Thanks for your help and input. Sincerely, Debra reply


Capture Wiz Pro 4.0

released February 24, 2009

free, no spyware, takes seconds to download, learn & use

works on FlipAlbum

allows you to print, resize and even edit

works like a print screen, however, doesn’t loose quality and will automatically cut out photo from flipalbum background

was a lifesaver for us.... our photographer went out of business and we are not able to order more prints.... we do not think its fair to just use this as a way to get free photos, however, if you are left with no options or help, its a godsend. we could not afford extra add ons at the time we got married and could only get the number included in our package... now a year has gone by and we decided we could now afford to purchase the rest of the extra prints we wanted, but are unfortunately out of luck... we are so fortunate that we at least have the cd and use of the internet.... good luck to anyone that might need this advice still...... PS - the cd with our proofs on it was created using FLIPALBUM 5.... so if your version is later than ours, not sure if this will work, it should, but try and see, can always uninstall.... reply


Capture Wiz Pro seems to work for me - none of the other suggestions did (though I never got round to contacting BS Jay. It sounded like it was going to end the same way as the other suggestion above though).

I agree that photographers need to cover their costs (my cousin is a photographer, it’s surprisingly expensive), but low-res images for facebook or small prints is really the least that you should be offered. We got told that we would have a CD of photos so that we could put them on facebook, but had to spend ages finding out all of this information just to put them on there so our friends could see them.

As for the guest post above, that sounds like a real problem. I don’t think there’s a perfect solution to this issue, but photographers trying to stop their clients from accessing any sort of digital files isn’t the way forward either. We’re buying an album and some big prints from the photographer; we’re not going to spend a fortune on a load of small prints to show my workmates, but it would be nice to have some photos to stuff into a pocket and show people. Making us pay £8 a print doesn’t make the photographer any money, it just deprives us of any physical photos. Plus, there are a lot of people who for whom some sort of security like that is just a challenge... I think providing low-res images as part of the package (which is what we were told we would have) is the best and fairest thing to do. I reckon that in 10 years' time most photographers will have cottoned onto that. reply


I have the problem of watermarks, whenever I view the images in full view, it’s overlayed with an annoying watermark, so taking a screenshot is somewhat disappointing. Anyone know how to get rid of it (Not in the screenshot, I mean how to stop the watermark appearing on it in the first place) reply


It’s too unfortunately that so many people are trying to find a way to rip off us photographers. Several local one-hour photo labs are copying my photos and charging MY clients what I had worked so hard to create. It’s just not fair in any way.

The CD Albums are an easy way for my clients to select their photos for printing, they’re not finished... they’re not even retouched yet! I could ask them to come by my studio and select their portraits from a monitor or projection screen, but I want them to have the freedom and the time to choose them at their own pace, without any pressure whatsoever.

And what do I get? 60% less profits this year because local labs are offering the service of printing the portraits I learned to create with all my years of experience. And worst of all, they are printing them with my logo (credits) in it in awful color and awful resolutions, so when people see those crapy prints at their friends' homes, they automatically assume that that’s the kind of finished work I end up delivering to my clients.

This is so wrong in so many ways. reply


Am not in favour of copying the pics from “Album Software” if you haven’t paid for anything at all (and your Kinder etc loses commissions too) but sometimes you just need that extra pic... you can take a digital pic of the photo on your computer screen, then edit the small vertical lines left behind, using Filter/Despeckle in for eg Photoshop Elements 8 - can even work on a laptop for a reasonable copy. Screen Grab software doesn’t work anymore. reply


I tried the screen pro also. It worked great! It took me awhile to figure it out. I could never get the timer to set to 0 (I didnít have that option) reply

Just so you know if you’re the least bit PC literate, the Print Screen button on your keyboard copies the image to the clipboard.

Open up any photo editor you use like Adobe Photoshop etc, paste the pic, crop out the rest of the screen.

If you’re using a program to view the pics, the pics are not IN THE PROGRAM.

They will be on the CD in an alternate database or file that can probably be cracked with another program.

If you can view them in an internet browser but can’t right-click and save, use the Opera Browser, it bypasses this.

Browse the CD and see what you find. reply


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