Necessary Files to Burn to play a DVD Movie

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I’ve tried asking this somewhere else with no luck.

Does anyone know the specific files needed to burn onto a DVD to make sure the movie plays correctly?

I ripped a movie using DVD Decrypter -then selected “Select Main Movie Files + IFO’s” and then went back in and also selected the “BUP” files. When I burned it, it worked fine and it fit on the DVD.

The new DVD i’m trying to burn says it wont fit on the DVD-R disc, so I’m trying to figure out which are absolutely needed to play. I dont care about subtiles or menus or anything like that, I just want it to play.

Anyone know? Thanks reply

get dvd shrink it will allow you to cut out what you don’t want like menus or extras, or you can just compress the whole disc down to where it will fit like from a d9-d5 disc size link: reply


I took video from a phone that was sent to my email, and want to play them on a combo tv/dvd player. what do I need to do, so that the videos will play in the dvd player that is about 5 or 6 years old


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