my computer/dvd-r does not register anything on the disc

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Am I a biff???? I have downloaded a number of avi films from limewire. I can view them fine. I have put the majority onto cd (dvd) for playback on my computer. Everything was fine until recently my system does not register that there is anything on the CD’s. It seemed to start after I had defragged the hard drive or used disk clean up. Could these affect this? Or is there something else?

Thanks in advance for any advice!! reply

Seems like your drive is not finding the loaded cd or dvd and one easy way is reinstall your burning software and ASPI even you are on XP. If you’re familiar with installing the firmware for your drive do it but is risky. Load a cd or a dvd and wait for a Window to tell you that you load a blank cd or dvd. Check the manufacturer site for your drive and download a new firmware. Check on this site forum for your drive and find what you may need. reply


Yes, that would fix it.
Like Marcus Aurelius said, it seem that your drive is not detecting the disc or data on the disc.

Several things you can try first though, before messing about with firmware.

Shut the computer down, then reboot. try the disc now.

Try other discs you have, eg music cd’s, data discs, game discs...ect. Does it read the other discs?

If it does, perhaps the data may have been corrupted on the discs, this can happen on cheep media or on mistreated discs.

Another way to check this, is to take the disc in question to another computer and see if it is regognised on their computer. If so, then it will be the firmware. If not, then i would say it is the disc.

Also, how much use have you given your cd/dvd burner/rom. they do have a life expectancy of around 10,000 burns for some models. if your burner/rom is old then upgrading the firmware may not change anything.

Hope this helps also. reply


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