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Bit of a long story, so bear with me:

I recently installed Silent Hill 3 for the PC on my machine. When I started it, I was disappointed to find that the intro movie was playing very jerkily - both audio and video would start and stop every second or so.

I found a way to convert the file to an .mpg, which I played back. In both Windows Media Player and PowerDVD, the .mpg file has the same jerky playback problem.

Funnily enough though, when I tried the file using VideoLAN Player, it played smoothly and flawlessly. VideoLAN uses its own codecs, which rely an a few other libraries, like ffmpeg and libmpeg2 to decode the videos and the audio. It doesn’t use the main DShow codecs as most of the other software on Windows does.

This seems to suggest that something is wrong with the codecs windows is using to try and play back this file (both in-game and as an .mpg) file.

I ran the MovieCodec utility on the .mpg file. It says the file type is “MPEG-1 PS” and uses the “MPEG-1 Video” and the “MPEG-1 Audio layer 2” codecs.

So now my question: what can I do to get Windows Media Player (and thus most likely the game) to play the video file smoothly? reply



I have recently got silent hill 3 for pc and I have the same problem, I wonder if you ever solved it?? cos right now I’m trying with a lot of different codecs but have not succeded.

The game plays very well but it is really annoying that I can’t see the videos. reply


hahahaha I solve the problem!! :)

ok, here is the thing you have to do to make Silent Hill 3 run the intro video and all of them smoothly:

1) First I downloaded The Ace Mega Codecs pack from here:
(I know that these are a lot of codecs, but this is in case you are missing one you need)

2) Install all of the codecs on the list just in case

3) Download MPEG-2 Video Decoder (version 2)
here is the link where I got it(its in spanish):
just click on the button that says “Descargar”

4) Unzipped the file and copy all the .ax files to your windows\system32 directory then execute the register.bat file in any directory

And that’s it, I’m not sure what I really did but it worked.

Hope this serves for future people who faces the same problem. reply


unknown26 is correct about his having the answer to this problem. reply



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