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How do i view my movie made on movie maker on my television set? I can save compilation only on a CD not a DVD. When the CD is inserted into a DVD Player I am unable to view it on TV. The message I get is 'unknown format' - Pls help!! Thanks reply

Unless your DVD player supports wmv files (check in your manual) it probably won’t be able to read the movies you made.
Your options are somewhat limited once you convert to wmv since it’s a proprietary format and it’s hard to convert it to anything else.
What are the specs of your DVD player? What can it play? Is it DivX-certified? (there should be a big sticker on it that says so if it is) What other formats does it say it can play in the manual (VCD, SVCD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, others?) If you’re stumped by the questions at least give us the make and model of the DVD player so we can look up online what it’s capable of playing. reply


@bevmatts. U can convert ur WMV movie (If U made it with MS MovieMaker) then U can use VLC 2 convert it 2 MPEG4.(Every Standalone Modern DVD Player can handle MPEG4...from Cheap Skank 2 Scumdog Madoff) reply


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