keep getting quicktime error -2048

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saome problem here, can someone help pls!!! reply


Hello, I used Janek’s directions and am still having issues. My friend sent me a .mov file (5MB) from her Mac, I use a PC.

The quality isn’t great, playback is choppy, frame rate is fast, and really weirdly & annoyingly, VLC opens multiple windows, one after the other which play over each other. There are also couple final frames missing.

I set VLC to only one instance running, adjusted the frame rate (in video output), and rebooted. Nothing seems to help the weird multiple windows or choppiness issue.

Help? if you have any other suggestions...?

Thank you very much,
T. Chang reply




I need to keep using quicktime to view HD trailers. I get the 2048 quicktime error: .qtl not a file that quicktime understands. I can not use another viewer. Why hasn’t this problem been solved...WHAT IS THIS? Tried uninstalling quicktime and reinstalling and setting file and MIME options to be default for quicktime to view video and MPEG...Help! reply


im an intel mac user and i had the same problem with the big blue Q turning up where the video should be, so i spent sometime lookin for answers and this one worked for me. first go to System Preferences then quicktime then go to advanced tab then click MIME settings then scroll down to Miscellaneous and inside tick the SMIL 1.0 box, and restart your browser and the videos should work:))
bless reply


spoke to soon only some videos worked but then i also download Div X web player and now it works all videos, happy viewing:) reply


Quoting: ducksito


error 2048: couldnít open the file {...}.wmv because it
is not a file that quicktime understands.

muy facil chavos,
1. desinstalen el quicktime.
2. ir a un archivo o video o peliculade wmv y click con
en boton derecho.
3. click en ''properties''.
4. y en general, en: abrir con: click en cambiar.
5. elegir en programa que desamos usar y click ok.
6. aplicamos y ok.

NOTA: despues volvemos a instalar el quicktime.

necesito saber que programa usan para el chat, ustedes
amigos norteamericanos, creo que no necesitan ningun
programa, o si?, he visto el programa de: ''makeover''
y usan el chat y se ve la pantalla completa, por favor
ayudenme, gracias amigos por su atencion y ayuda,

very easy boyís.
1. they desinstalen the QuickTime.
2. to go to a file or video or peliculade wmv.
and click with in right button.
3. click in ''properties''.
4. and generally, in: abrir with: click in changing.
5. to choose in program that desamos to use and
click ok.

NOTE: later we return to install the QuickTime.
am so soory, for me bad translation, but, I do not speak
English, jeíjeíje.

I need to know that it programs use for chat, you
friendly NorthAmericans, I believe that they do not
need any program, or if? , I have seen the program of:
''makeover'' and they use chat and the complete
screen is seen, please ayudenme, friendly thanks for its
attention and helps, goodbye.

ATTE: yo ducksito.

Ducksito English please thanks reply


i am having the same problem..error 2048. and when i m playing the same files in wmp11 or divx its just stops wrking and closes it self.......i canot play any video.files wheather its .avi or its divx files reply


i get the same problem with my .mov files. i am tryig to convert them to mp4. it does work but only lays part of the video reply


erorr 2048 reply



<a href=“”>Error 2048</a> is well describe on this website:

It offers a description of the error, what causes it, and how to solve it. reply


Just check This is from trance_aquarius, post No1, it was helpful for me :). Thanks trance reply

This worked great until the last bit “Select how you want it TRUELY encoded as anything from mpeg4 video and audio to DivX to H. 264 to Theora REMEMBER: select the transcode buttons. " This completely lost me. I dont understand the meaning of that. I have a file that was labeled avi. it was not the correct label but the file is the correct size and there is nothing suspicious about it that would make me think it was a fake file or virus etc.

Can someone PLEASE help me by explaining the last half of the directions in simple terms.

VLC doesn’t have the exact same settings available on mac as he PC versions bit is similar enough so I hope to figure this out and save this file I cannot replace. reply


u need the new adobe flash player reply


Just want to share my thoughs on this. I found this forum page saerching for the 2048 error code and many others with no luck. In particular my error was from qtl files from internet for movie trailers. so after almost giving up after a whole 5 minutes lol, i went to the properties of the qtl. I seen right below attributes was a security section that said file was blocked cause it was from another computer. So i unblocked it. And it worked just fine.
After digging deeper i figured out it was my chrome browser. In internet explorer a pop up asks if i want to open this? Chrome gives no such warning, it just locks the file. Other browsers may do the same!
I know some here stated they had problems with diff types of files. Perhaps their browser is doing the same thing. Also if you use IE and the first time that question ever popped up you checked the box saying dont ask again, then you hit NO, you obviously wont get that pop up.

Hope this helps! Good Luck! reply


Having the same problem in XP with AVCHD video files made with a Lumix camera. The owners manual says Quicktime will play them, but Quicktime 7 won’t. I get an “error -2048 The file is not a movie file." The manual also says if you want to edit your Lumix movies, purchase Quicktime Pro. If Quicktime 7 won’t even play them, I hesitate to pay for pro and find it doesn’t work either.

The solution? Windows 7 and the new Windows Movie Maker. Works like a charm. MM also works great on those stubborn .MOD files. reply


I solve this problem with pink area in right side of screen.
I use media player classic 6,4. Open video,right click on video,options,Playback-output, then click VMR9 (windowed)and VMR9 mixer mode check box. reply


Not sure if this will work for everyone but I had an mp4 video file and changed the .mp4 into .flv and now it’s playing. reply


I go to a Metallica concert... shoot 7 videos 6 of which work but the one that i want is the one with the code error 2048

I hate Quicktime

Regards reply


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